Citroen launches efficiency drive

  • 5 star Euro 5 designed to increase efficiency for Citroen LCVs
  • Euro 5 Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay joined the 5 star range
  • HDIs can run on up to 30% biodiesel without need for mods

Citroën has launched a special programme in its LCV range designed to increase fuel efficiency and cut carbon dioxide emissions.

The  ‘5 Star’ programme will be applied to Citroen’s Euro 5 LCV range and it includes advanced, fuel-efficient, low-emissions Euro 5 petrol and HDi diesel engines.

It also includes new e-HDi Airdream micro-hybrid drivetrains for selected Berlingo vans, Diesel Particulate Filtration Systems (DPFS), Citroën’s Trafficmaster Smartnav and Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking telematics package and technology that will allow all of Citroën HDi engines to run on up to 30% biodiesel without effect on warranty or need for technical modification.

The Euro 5 Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay models will join the already introduced Euro 5 Nemo range offering up to 65.7mpg fuel economy and CO2 emissions of 109g/km.

It is part of Citroen’s Business Class programme which was introduced to give better customer service in terms of sales and after sales.

Scott Michael, Citroën’s commercial vehicle operations manager, said: “The launch of our 5 Star Euro 5 programme offers a significant step forward for LCV operators. It demonstrates Citroën’s unique and all-embracing approach to improving the efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of our LCVs.

“Since the introduction earlier this year of the ‘Citroën Vans – Business Class’ programme, Citroën has continued to improve its sales and aftersales service, as well as providing a greater choice of converted vehicles through both our Relay Specialist model range and our expanded Ready to Run range.”