Hyundai targets European van market

  • H350 is Hyundai’s first heavy duty European van
  • Expected to go on sale in Europe by 2016
  • Unsure of whether the van will go on sale in UK

Hyundai has announced it is to launch a new heavy duty van for Europe by 2016, after it makes its official debut at the IAA Show later this month. The 3.5t van will be manufactured in Turkey by Karsan Otomotiv, although it is unclear yet whether the van will be sold in the UK.

Given Hyundai’s position as a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in Asia, this could be seen as an early signal that the South Korean company wants to replicate it passenger car success in the European light commercial vehicle industry.

Until the official unveil at the IAA Show, Hyundai is giving away much about the technical specification, although we can tell you that there will be up to 1,400kg of payload and 2,500kg of towing capacity.

It will be available as a cargo van, minibus and chassis cab, and will feature Hyundai’s distinctive hexagonal grille, LED daytime running lights and side mouldings run down the flanks to the rear. Hyundai hasn’t yet announced what engine will power the H350; we can only hazard a guess at either of the 2 or 2.2-litre CRDi units.

“The H350 is our first entry to the European heavy duty van market”, explains a Hyundai spokesperson. “Converting the van to right hand drive takes a lot of work and so we’re currently looking into the viability of launching it in the UK. If we do decide to go ahead, it will be available from Hyundai Business Centres from 2016”.

Given that Hyundai’s only van in the UK, the iLoad, is a poor seller, it seems unlikely a RHD version will be made available. However, if Hyundai mirrors its passenger car ethos of quality products, dealer support and promotion with the H350, there’s no reason the H350 wouldn’t be a success story.

Check back on Parkers Vans for an update on H350, which will be included in the IAA Show review on the 26th of September.