Less than 100 Ford Transit Mark IVs left

  • Ford attempts to clear ‘old stock’
  • Potential bargains for customers
  • Over £10,000 saved on some models

Ford has confirmed that it has just 56 unregistered Mark IV Transits left in its dealer network. It could mean a huge saving for customers, as the manufacturer attempts to clear ‘old stock’ from its dealer network after the launch of the all new range of Transits.

The remaining stock contains a lot of popular models, too. Of the 56 remaining Ford Transit Mark IVs, the most common variant is the 3.5t, long wheelbase, 99bhp variant, but there are also quite a number of the smaller, 2.6t, short wheelbase 124bhp variants. Some dealers are offering over £10,000 off the list price of the outgoing model.

Production of the Mark IV ceased in 2013 after 13 years, when the range was split and replaced by the Transit Custom (medium panel vans) and the 2t Transit (large panel vans). Click here to read the full review of the outgoing Transit, and click here for all the latest deals.