Renault Kangoo ZE with batteries included

  • Battery pack costs an additional £3,166
  • Overall pricing now similar to e-NV200
  • Discounted battery hire prices too

In a bid to make the Kangoo ZE the nation’s best-selling electric van, Renault are now offering new ownership packages with the model. The battery, which was only previously available to hire, can now be purchased as a part of the vehicle.

Outright purchase

Variants of the battery-included Kangoo ZE are badged as ‘i’ versions, and are priced £3,166 higher at £16,161 plus VAT after the plug-in grant. The pricing isn’t too dissimilar to the Nissan e-NV200, which costs £16,562, or £3,169 more than the battery lease agreement.

These full purchase models are protected by a five-year/60,000-mile warranty on the batteries in addition to the standard Renault vehicle protection of four years or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs sooner. The warranty ensures customers of continuous performance throughout the period by guaranteeing a minimum of 66 percent of the original charge capacity.

Now battery hire deals

There is also good news for those set on hiring the battery too. Hire agreements have now been reduced to £33 plus VAT per month (down from £61+VAT) which, over a 36 month period, would save operators £1,008 plus VAT.

Batteries on lease benefit from a similar warranty with a Lifetime Performance Guarantee, which means they will be repaired or replaced if they fall below 75 per cent of their original capacity. The guarantee also includes the peace of mind of roadside recovery even in the event of an owner running out of charge away from a charging point.

Renault has the widest range of all-electric vehicles on sale in the UK and has already sold a total of 2,000 electric vehicles in the UK.

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