Thorough checks are key to VW MOT success

  • Less than half of vans pass their first MOT
  • Almost 98% of VW vans pass first MOT
  • Almost a third of failures are simple faults

MOT failures cost van operators a lot of time and money so it may be useful to know that according to a survey, Volkswagens are more likely to pass their first MOT than any most other van manufacturer. Data obtained by VOSA show 98% of Volkswagen vans pass their first MOT, compared to the national average of 50%.

While the news may not come as a surprise to many, VW say the results are down to  more thorough examinations that their technicians undertake during servicing. 

Almost a third of MOT failures were down to simple faults, like faulty bulbs, little tyre tread depth and empty windscreen washer fluid.

A further quarter of failures are caused by brake (15.3%) and suspension (14.2%) wear that would have been detected during routine maintenance. The high failure rate is leaving thousands of owners and operators with increased downtime, plus additional repair and re-test costs.

VW says it inspects all items including headlamps and indicators, brake lights, wheels and tyres, seats and seatbelts, which allows its customers to enjoy an exceptionally high pass rate when returning for an MOT. Volkswagen Van Centres also routinely offer a free fitting service on a number of items, including on bulbs and wiper blades.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers a national pricing scheme to help LCV operators budget and plan in advance for maintenance costs. Volkswagen also has fixed national MOT test prices set at £40 for Class 4 and £50 for Class 7. Businesses can purchase a service and MOT test package at one of its dedicated Van Centres for just £145 ex VAT.