Mercedes-Benz Vans hands out free Rescue Assist stickers

  • Free for any van built since 1996
  • Now standard on all-new Merc vans
  • Helps rescue teams locate vital vehicle components

Mercedes-Benz is now handing out free Rescue Assist stickers to all owners of its vans manufactured since 1996. The stickers are scanned by the emergency services with an enabled smartphone or tablet, and they then help the crew locate vital vehicle components.

Since early this year, all Mercedes-Benz vans have been fitted with the sticker, making the German manufacturer the first in the world to do so, and enhancing its image as Europe’s leading CV manufacturer for safety.

Now though, the safety device has been rolled out to all used MB vehicles up to 19 years old. The Broughton Fire Station in Milton Keynes have been practising using the stickers, to demonstrate first hand first-hand the time saving benefit as part of a staged occupant rescue

Scanning the QR code shows the crew where key component, such as fuel tanks, airbags and electric cables, are located. This information enables a fast and safe rescue, minimising the risks for occupants, as well as for the emergency teams helping, saving around two minutes of precious time.

In the case of the Mercedes-Benz Vito and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, it is located on the B-pillars on the driver's and the co-driver's side. In the case of the Mercedes-Benz Citan, the QR code is inside the fuel filler flap and on the B-pillar on the other side of the vehicle.