Rival underbodies now in the UK

  • Underbodies made from aluminium
  • To be sold by Dorset-based Xtreme
  • Most pickups and 4x4s covered

Off-road specialist Xtreme Sales has become the UK’s official importer of Rival underbody protection.

The firm works closely in conjunction with major manufacturers and its products cover most of the major pickup, van and 4x4 models in the UK.

Xtreme Sales is based in Dorset and has specialised in off-road accessories for around five years. Off-road enthusiast and founder of Xtreme Sales, Will Rhodes, says the new products are built to the highest quality.

“The metal in question is usually aluminium rather than steel, so as well as being strong, Rival plates are light in weight and resistant to rusting”, explains Will.

“In fact, it’s three times lighter than standard steel which means there’s minimal intrusion into the payload. They’re stamped for rigidity and pre-drilled for easy installation, too, so attaching one to your vehicle ought to be a straightforward job with the spanners”.

For more off-road-oriented vehicles, the protection is 6mm thick, but this is reduced to 4mm for less extreme applications like vans. Full underbody protection typically weighs around 30kg, and therefore will not make heavy dents into the payload.

Rival sells around 700,000 skid plates each year and employs 450 staff worldwide. All products have been crash tested and certified in Russia. Prices are pitched between £500 for basic three-piece protection and £1200 for full underbody protection including the fuel tank.

Visit the Xtreme Sales website for more information.