Vans and pickups in high demand

  • Sales up 22 per cent for the year
  • Attributed to online deliveries and construction
  • Small vans post the biggest growth

Growth in the UK’s economy has spurred on the demand for light commercial vehicles, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Sales increased 20.9 per cent in April 2015 to 24,927 LCVs, while sales for the year overall went up 22 percent to 122,702.

Strong economy – strong van sales

The UK economy is expected to grow by 2.5 per cent during 2015, with the online retail and construction sectors posting impressive results. These trends are helping to increase buyer confidence, and are seen as the driving forces behind the surge in van demand.

“With business confidence still on the up, the strong uplift enjoyed in the commercial vehicle market this year has continued into spring,” said Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive.

“Demand for new vans is stronger than ever, with the sector recording its 12th consecutive month of growth in April. We look to the next government for stability to ensure this robust performance continues.”

Rise of the small van

The largest market gains were witnessed in the small van segment, with sales of vans between 2 and 2.5 tonnes increasing by 27.1 percent to 4,500 units. This may be due to the greater versatility of vehicles within this band (more wheelbases, roof heights), better payload (one tonne now common ground) and increased fuel efficiency.