Volkswagen partners with Sortimo and Rhino

  • Offers internal and external storage
  • Priced up to £1,500 for internal racks
  • £450 for Rhino roof racking

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has teamed up with leading van accessory companies Rhino and Sortimo to offer a range of internal and external storage solutions. Internal van racking from Sortimo is priced between £350 and £1,500, while the Rhino roof racks cost around £450.

While they have always played a huge role in big fleet deals, more and more one man bands are now smarting up their act and installing racking solutions to their van. After all, a tidy van is a tidy mind.

That’s the strategy behind Volkswagen’s new partnership with Rhino and Sortimo. Both suppliers are highly respected in their line of work, using lightweight and robust materials for their products. They are subjected to rigorous EU safety regulations to ensure years of dependable service.

Rhino Roof Racking

Volkswagen racking solutions

Rhino roof racks are not just strong and lightweight, they also look the part and don’t damage the vehicle’s aesthetics like many of the cheaper products. Ladders can be safely transported thanks to the innovative, easy-to-use Safeclamp and Safestow accessories.  

Up to fifty 15mm copper pipes, or equivalent, can be transported safely and securely with the lockable Pipe Tube. Rhino products are not available on the Volkswagen Crafter.

Sortimo Internal Storage

Volkswagen racking solutions

For more than 40 years, Sortimo has been tidying up the load areas of vans and now Volkswagen is offering a comprehensive range of their products on the Volkswagen Caddy, Volkswagen Transporter and Volkswagen Crafter.

The Sortimo internal racking systems offer a flexible modular storage unit, which can be combined with other Sortimo products to provide a tailor made work space, unique to each customer.


While they are highly desirable products and will help with residual values, the price of between £350 and £1,500 for the Sortimo products and £450 for the Rhino roof racks is a lot more expensive than what some of the smaller suppliers offer.