Cartwrights Conversions launches new racking ranges

  • Two different racking systems
  • Mini racking is a ‘pull-out’ shelf on rails
  • Mobile racking is removable trolley with storage containers

Trailer manufacturer Cartwrights recently tapped into the LCV market with its Cartwrights Conversions division which specialises in high-quality LCV conversions. Less than one year after its formation, the Doncaster-based company has launched two ranges of racking systems: the Mini and Mobile.

“The LCV market is growing each year and more and more fleet managers are concerned by health and safety. explained Cartwrights commercial director, David Healey.

“Vans need to be racked out properly with the right kit so that employees are safe and more efficient…as demand has increased lead times have become longer in the industry and we believe there is definitely an opportunity to compete for market share.”

Mini racking systems

The Mini racking system is targeting small van operators who want a tidy and easy storage solution for their tools and equipment. The system allows the operator to pull out the shelves from the load area which gives them access to the contents of their van from a standing position outside the vehicle.

The heavy-duty tracks with shelves slide out by up to 50 percent of the van’s load length making everything inside the van accessible from the outside. This means users no longer have to risk accidents by kneeling inside their vehicle to reach tools and equipment.

Mobile racking systems

The Mobile racking system is made up of removable shelves which are height-adjustable with an easy two-step process. You can choose to store your tools and equipment directly on the shelves or protect them inside the removable containers.

The one-handed locking system makes it easy to stack and lock several containers together, and the addition of the trolley makes it easy to comfortably move several containers in fewer trips. The Mobile racking system is also crash-tested to European standards for added peace of mind.