Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch 2016 preview

  • Fuel economy of up to 55.3mpg
  • Also badged as the Toyota Proace
  • All three will be introduced in Q3 2016

Update: full reviews of the 2016 versions of all three vans are now available on Parkers. To read them please click on the following links:

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Since their launch in 2006, the Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch have started to look their age, especially against new competitors such as the Ford Transit Custom, Renault Trafic, Vauxhall Vivaro and Mercedes-Benz Vito.

Next year though, PSA is set to launch the third generation Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch, and Toyota has confirmed it will be part of the alliance with the second generation Toyota Proace. Codenamed the K0, it will be based on the same platform as the Citroen C4 Picasso and built at the Sevel Nord plant in Valenciennes, north-eastern France.


Peugeot Expert 2016 Citroen Dispatch 2016

Having been launched in 2006, the current generation of the Citroen Dispatch, Peugeot Expert and Toyota Proace are the oldest in the sector and have fallen well behind in terms of comfort, refinement and safety.

The current 1.6-litre and 2-litre diesel engines will remain, and have been upgraded to meet the Euro-6 emission standard and achieve impressive fuel economy figures of up to 55.3mpg.

Poor visibility and cramped cabin

Peugeot Expert 2016 Citroen Dispatch 2016

Although the seating position has been raised over 100mm, it’s still quite low when compared with the Renault Trafic and Volkswagen Transporter. When combined with the high dashboard, the driver’s view is slightly obscured, especially for items immediately in front of the bumper.

It also feels very cramped, too. The driver’s seat doesn’t slide back far enough and the closeness of the dashboard means there’s not much legroom for the two passenger seats, either. The dashboard, however, is very neat and functional, and everything falls within arm’s reach.

Driver assist systems

Peugeot Expert 2016 Citroen Dispatch 2016Peugeot Expert 2016 Citroen Dispatch 2016

As with any of the latest generation vans, there is a whole host of drive assist and safety systems available as standard or optional extras. The 2016 Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch are the first vans in their class to offer a head-up display (which shows the driver various data without the need to for them to take their eyes off the road) and the first to be able to ‘read’ speed limit signs and recommend slowing down.

Infotainment on the premium specs is provided by a seven-inch touchscreen display, with integrated 3D satellite navigation, DAB radio, Bluetooth, USB and auxiliary connectivity and a mirror screen for smart phones. There is a voice command feature which allows you to enter your required destination without taking your eyes off the road.

Peugeot Expert 2016 Citroen Dispatch 2016

In addition, there is also the availability of a camera that can detect if the driver is looking drowsy, or doesn’t have their eyes on the road, and then alert them and recommend a break. There is also a blind-spot warning, which alerts the driver to hidden vehicles.

Parking is made a lot easier thanks to optional distance sensors at the front and the rear, a reversing camera and Visiopark; a great feature which shows a birds-eye view of the vehicle and its distance to all the obstacles around it.

Productivity and load attributes

Peugeot Expert 2016 Citroen Dispatch 2016Peugeot Expert 2016 Citroen Dispatch 2016

We were surprised to hear that there will be no option of varied roof height on the new vehicles; instead the option of three load lengths. The three load lengths of 2,160mm, 2,150mm and 2,860mm correspond to load volumes of 5.1, 5.8 and 6.6 cubic metres.

There are now three gross vehicle weights (2.7t, 2.9t and 3.1t), offering payloads of around 1,000kg, 1,200kg and 1,400kg respectively. This makes it one of the best in class for payload, behind the Volkswagen Transporter and Ford Transit Custom.

Load of over four-metres in length can be accommodated thanks to a double load-through facility (called Moduwork), which consists of a gate in the bulkhead and a fold-up passenger seat, and allows an extra 1.16 metres of load length.

Engines and driveline

Peugeot Expert 2016 Citroen Dispatch 2016

The engine bay will feature the same 1.6- and 2-litre diesel engines, providing power between 94bhp and 178bhp and combined fuel economy of between 46.3mpg and 55.3mpg. There will be two power ratings on the 1.6-litre (94bhp and 114bhp), and three on the 2-litre (119bhp, 148bhp and 178bhp).

All engines are mated to a six-speed manual transmission, except for the entry-level 94bhp output (five-speed manual), and the top-end 178bhp output (six-speed EAT6 automatic transmission). There is also the option of a six-speed ETG6 robotised manual transmission on the 94bhp output.

The 2016 Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch will use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to achieve the Euro-6 emission standard, and the 22.4-litre AdBlue tank should return just under 10,000 miles.  

Fake grille

Peugeot Expert 2016 Citroen Dispatch 2016

Another surprising characteristic of the new Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert is revealed by opening the bonnet. The engine sits well below where the grille meets the engine bay. This is because the engineers wanted a low centre of gravity, without the strange appearance associated with a low grille.

Launch dates

Peugeot Expert 2016 Citroen Dispatch 2016

The new models will officially be unveiled at the CV Show in April 2016 at the NEC Arena. The French manufacturer states that the new vehicle will be launched in ‘the first half of 2016’, although right-hand drive models usually follow a few months later. We’re predicting that they will be arriving in UK dealerships in time for the September 2016 registrations.