Renault vans now Euro-6 compliant

  • Updated Kangoo produces lower NOx emissions
  • Trafic and Master now feature an AdBlue tank
  • List prices have been increased slightly

Renault has updated all of its vans so they all now meet the Euro-6 emissions standard. The Renault van range, which consists of the Kangoo, Trafic and Master now emits lower emissions, in some cases, offering more power and greater fuel-efficiency.

Renault Kangoo Euro-6

The Kangoo is the smallest van in the Renault range, and meets the new standard thanks to a NOx trap type of catalyst. All Kangoo Maxi models now feature a Stop & Start system and braking energy recovery as standard, which increases fuel economy up to 62.8mpg.

More engines will be added to the range at the start of 2017.

Renault Trafic Euro-6

Like most medium vans, the Trafic uses SCR (selective catalytic reduction) to ensure Euro-6 emissions compliancy, which means an AdBlue tank has been introduced. The new model also features slightly upgraded power ratings of 95hp, 120hp, 125hp and 145hp (5hp greater in each case).

Renault Master Euro-6

Like the Renault Trafic, the Renault Master also uses SCR to meet the Euro-6 emission standard, again gaining an AdBlue tank. The 110hp and 130hp single turbo model share the same performance as their Euro-5 equivalents, although the twin-turbo models (145hp and 170hp) have both gained 5hp.

Pricing and specifications

In terms of specifications, nothing has changed except the standard fitment of a Thatcham-approved alarm on Euro-6 models. List prices have increased slightly and now start at £14,150 plus VAT for the Kangoo, £19,325 plus VAT for the Trafic and £22,270 plus VAT for the Master, with the first deliveries expected in August 2016.