Van finance explained by VW Commercial Vehicles

  • Volkswagen publishes van finance info
  • Video guides help explain funding options
  • Business and retail customers catered for

Volkswagen vans has released a number of guides explaining finance options to potential van drivers – both private retail buyers and fleet customers.

Van finance advice for retail and fleet business

Options for retail buyers include Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – which gives you the choice to buy the van or hand it back at the end of the contract – or Hire Purchase, where you own the vehicle when the scheme ends.

Business customers, meanwhile, can choose from Contract Hire – effectively renting the van – Finance Lease, Hire Purchase and Lease Purchase – which works like PCP. Drivers can run vans for 12 to 60 months with contract hire, covering up to 200,000 miles, with the same mileage cap for Lease Purchase and unlimited mileage with Hire Purchase.

Buy the van or hand it back?

Video guides are also available on VW’s website explaining business options for Contract Hire and Finance Lease.

So whether you want to own the van at the end of the contract or would simply prefer to hand it back, VW is aiming to make things as easy as possible for you to understand. Visit the VW Commercial Vehicles website for more information.

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