Fiat van ‘scrappage bonus’ scheme contributes to savings up to £13,500

  • Yes, you read that right – up to £13.5k off
  • Even minimum saving is £5,500
  • But not much of that is actually scrappage

Fiat Professional – the Italian brand’s light commercial vehicle (LCV) arm – is the latest manufacturer to announce a van scrappage scheme, and although it’s late to the party the total discounts are enormous.

It’s called the ‘scrappage bonus’ and astonishingly, if you’ve got an old car or van to trade-in, there are combined savings of up to £13,500 on a new Fiat van available. Fiat is offering money off the Fullback pickup as well.

Fiat van scrappage bonus scheme - save up to £5,500 on Fullback

However, not much of that is actually the scrappage value. Keep reading for full details.

How does the Fiat Professional van scrappage scheme work?

Turns out the ‘scrappage bonus’ element contributes just £500. So even if you haven't got an old car or van that was registered by 31 December 2017 to trade in there are big savings to be had at Fiat right now.

These are the maximum combined discounts:

All of those discount amounts exclude VAT. As Batman and Robin might say, holy cow.

What’s the small print?

Note use of the phrase ‘up to’, which we believe means you’ll get different levels of discount within the individual ranges depending on which particular model you’re going for (hint: typically the more expensive the list price, the bigger the discount).

Fiat van scrappage bonus scheme - save up to £8,500 on Doblo Cargo

Furthermore, unlike rival schemes that last until the end of 2017, Fiat’s scrappage deal only runs until 30 September – so you’ve only got the rest of the month to get that extra $500 off. Big deal?

Is the Fiat scrappage bonus a good deal?

The size of those discounts are hard to ignore – and only Toyota is also offering money off a pickup (a paltry £2,000 reduction on the Hilux) – but as we've already explained, the scrappage part is hardly a massive contributor.

Given this, you should definitely remember to use the Parkers Vans valuation tool to make sure you’re getting good value for your trade-in. After £500 really isn't very much, even if it is heading for scrap.

Fiat van scrappage bonus scheme - save up to £6,500 on Fiorino

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