New van tyres from Firestone and Vredestein

  • Vredestein Comtrac 2 and Firestone Vanhawk 2 launched
  • Vanhawk 2 targets wet weather driving and fuel economy
  • Comtrac 2 an ‘all-season’ design also for slippery conditions

Tyre makers Firestone and Vredestein have both announced updated versions of tyres that are aimed at the van and light truck market.

Vredestein has replaced its existing Comtrac tyre with the Comtrac 2, while Firestone’s well-established Vanhawk tyre has also been upgraded to become – you guessed it – the Vanhawk 2.

Improved wet grip a priority

Both brands are claiming improved wet grip from these new tyres.

Vredestein reckons the Comtrac 2 has an 11.7m shorter stopping distance in the wet from 50mph compared to its predecessor. It’s also said to be 10% more stable under heavy load, and have 5% lower rolling resistance – which means it should help you use less fuel.

The advances come from a change in design and a new silica-rich material compound.

According to the EU label information, which is a good way of comparing tyre likes for like, the Comtrac 2 has a wet grip rating of B (the previous Comtrac was rated E), with a rolling resistance rating of C or E, depending on size.

Vredestein launches Comtrac 2 all season van tyre

Firestone says the Vanhawk 2 also measures B for wet grip, with a C for rolling resistance right across the range (the scales are from A to G, with A being the best). That’s an improvement from E and C in the first instance, and G, F and E in the second.

The tread pattern and compound have again been revised, but Firestone is adamant that despite the modifications the Vanhawk 2 has ‘retained the robust Vanhawk construction and long-wear life.’

Wide choice of sizes

Both tyres are available now.

The Vanhawk 2 comes in 20 popular sizes, with another two launching later in 2017, and the Comtrac 2 comes in 10 sizes.