Iveco launches new Daily Blue Power van family

  • First van to meet Real Driving Emissions regs
  • First CNG van with eight-speed Hi-Matic auto
  • Blue Power family also includes Daily Electric

Iveco has launched a new Daily Blue Power family of models based on its existing large van. This includes the Daily Electric we’re already familiar with, plus a new eight-speed Hi-Matic automatic version of the Daily Natural Power, which runs on compressed natural gas.

Both of those are thought-provoking, if you’ve got the fleet suitability for them. But what’s really caught our eye is the new Iveco Daily Euro 6 RDE – which claims to be the first van to meet the forthcoming Real Driving Emissions (RDE) regulations.

What Real Driving Emissions regulations…?

While most of us are still probably trying to get our heads round Euro 6, Iveco is already worrying about the next stage in van emissions control: Real Driving Emissions.

This programme – which as the name suggests is supposed to better reflect real-world driving – doesn’t even come into force until 2020. Yet you can now order an Iveco that meets the rules already.

Give us more info about the Iveco Daily RDE then

It’s powered by a version of the 2.3-litre ‘F1A’ turbodiesel engine that was overhauled to meet Euro 6 in 2016.

New Iveco Daily Euro 6 RDE - Blue Power family

In a large van sector that’s rapidly moving towards a 2.0-litre norm, this is a big unit these days – which is actually good news for longevity and, apparently, real-world efficiency – and as you’d expect, it uses an ‘advanced’ AdBlue system.

The new model has been independently tested by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research and has what’s described as a ‘conformity factor’ of 1.2 – an improvement even over the conformity factor of 2.1 the new RDE regulations will enforce.

The conformity factor is the degree to which any vehicle meeting the RDE regs is allowed to vary from the legal level of NOx emissions.

What does that actually mean for Iveco Daily RDE buyers?

It would be wonderful if it was that easy, wouldn’t it? But Iveco being Iveco, it hasn’t published any further technical detail – including engine power and torque, let alone claimed fuel economy. Though admittedly that last will vary with van size, equipment, etc.

We have asked for more info, but at this stage, all we can tell you is that the Daily RDE is a claimed 7% more fuel efficient than an equivalent regular Iveco Daily, ‘based on a real urban customer mission.’

Yes. The press release really does call driving operations missions.

What’s more, Iveco being Iveco, there aren’t any prices, either, as this is based on individual dealer negotiation with the factory.

We are fairly confident you don’t have to have the blue wheels shown in the pictures, though – in case that’s a sticking point…

What about the rest of the Daily Blue Power range?

There’s nothing particularly new about the Daily Electric – Iveco’s been building electric variants since 2009, and this is a continuation of the present version, which is offered with a choice of one, two or three battery packs and a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of up to 5.0 tonnes.

Iveco Daily Blue Power box van

With every available battery fitted, Iveco claims it’ll manage 124 miles in real urban driving. But then, at approximately £100,000 in this configuration, you’d like to hope so.

The Iveco Daily Natural Power Hi-Matic, however, is the world’s first van combination of compressed natural gas (CNG) engine and eight-speed automatic transmission.

We like CNG – it’s quieter than diesel, and potentially much cleaner – but supply is very limited in the UK.

So unless you’ve got your own CNG fuel bunker, or access to a local one, no matter how good this van is – and given previous experience with that gearbox, we suspect it is rather very – its introduction is probably of limited interest here.

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