MAN to launch ice cream van

  • Flaky special edition of new TGE large van
  • Big reveal the sundae before the 2017 CV Show
  • Reserve yours now with ‘polar foil’ code

Anyone in the market for a really big ice cream van? We mean really big. Well the new MAN TGE could be just the option you’ve been looking for, with this new limited launch edition set to be unveiled the sundae before the 2017 CV Show…

Oh. Wait a minute. Sundae? Let’s take another look at the date, shall we?

CV Show preview – all the latest van news at the UK’s biggest commercial vehicle show

Yes, the Ice Cream MAN is an April Fools

MAN is set to launch its first 3.5-tonne van into the UK at this year’s CV Show, so we can’t blame the firm for attempting to generate a little extra-curricular interest. The TGE is not a product many outside of the industry will be aware of at this stage – and, after all, who doesn’t like an ice cream?

Even so, we doubt many ice cream sellers are ever going to need vehicle quite the size of this – the TGE is based on the latest VW Crafter, and is set to compete against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and full-size Ford Transit.

That is going to be a lot of lollies.

How far did MAN take the joke?

Glad you asked. The ‘Ice Cream MAN’ apparently has ’99 special build features’, and is ‘a real feast for drivers who love a smooth ride’.

MAN’s head of marketing, Verity Cullum (which is a suspicious if also plausible name), described the special edition as ‘fab!’

She added, ‘There’s a whole magnum of great features. Anyone with funny feet will love how easy to drive the new vehicle is [apparently she’s related to Yoda] and we’re sure our customers will be nobbly bobbly excited about it.’

The Ice Cream MAN also comes with the follow songs pre-loaded into the sound system:

  • I’m your MAN
  • Stand By Your MAN
  • The Candy MAN

The funniest thing about all this, of course, is that MAN isn’t generally pronounced man but M. A. N. But who’s going to let that stand in the way of a decent publicity stunt.

Not us, apparently.

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MAN to launch TGE van

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