Mercedes launches reservation service for X-Class pickup

  • Order books open online due to ‘phenomenal demand’
  • £1,000 deposit secures your place at the front of the queue
  • New luxury truck hasn’t even been seen in production form

Mercedes-Benz Vans has announced a ‘reservation service’ for its forthcoming X-Class luxury pickup truck – before anyone has even seen the production version.

Following what’s described as ‘phenomenal early demand’ after the unveiling of a pair of X-Class concepts in October 2016, a special website has been set up where interested UK customers can put down a refundable £1,000 deposit to secure a place at the head of the queue.

This should ensure they will be among the very first to get their hands on this exciting new pickup when it finally arrives in UK showrooms in early 2018.

First sight of the production X-Class is expected to come in summer 2017 – probably around mid-July.

2017 Mercedes X-Class pickup concepts unveiled at last

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How do I reserve a new Mercedes-Benz X-Class?

If you do want to be one of the first X-Class owners on these shores, head over to (click on the link and it’ll open in a new window for you) and follow the instructions. Credit card at the ready.

Be warned, however, that not only have we not seen the final version of the X-Class yet, Mercedes hasn’t revealed any pricing either. And it is almost certainly going to enter the UK market as the most expensive pickup on sale.

For everything we do know so far about the X-Class click here, and read the full story on both the Concept X-Class Stylish Explorer and the Concept X-Class Powerful Adventurer. Plus details on its relationship to the Nissan Navara and general positioning within the lifestyle pickup segment.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class special reservation service opens


Mercedes must be pretty pleased about all this?

Too right. The buzz surrounding the X-Class is quite extraordinary – but then it really does promise to bring a new level of luxury to the sector.

Mercedes-Benz Vans UK managing director Steve Bridge said: ‘Many customers we have spoken to have a strong desire to be amongst the first to own the new X-Class, which is incredible considering that it hasn’t been unveiled yet!’

Expect much more X-Class news throughout 2017, and don’t forget to check out our full list of the new pickups coming soon.

2017 Mercedes X-Class pickup concepts unveiled at last

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