VW at the CV Show 2017

  • All-new Crafter makes UK debut
  • Unusual e-Load Up all-electric urban van
  • Black Edition, Sportline and Amarok V6 also star

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is in the running for the most creative stand at the CV Show 2017 – even if the usual house-based design is the same as the previous year. But most visitors are more interested in the all-new VW Crafter, which makes its UK debut at the show with several versions on display.

More curiously, VW has brought along an e-Load Up – an all-electric commercial version of its tiny Up city car. This is not currently planned for sale in the UK. The Caddy Black Edition and Transporter Sportline are most certainly available, however, and add a bit of swagger and aggression to the Volkswagen presence.

It’s pretty safe to say the same thing about the Amarok V6 as well – which appears here in range-topping Aventura guise.

VW Crafter at the CV Show 2017

We’re already quite familiar with VW’s latest large van, as we’ve not only got a full review but a long-term test Crafter as well – which we collected and drove back from the factory in Poland in order to have it here in the UK ahead of the official launch.

The new model is the epitome of a modern large van. It uses 2.0-litre engines, has a spacious, comfortable cab, and is available with stacks safety and assistance technology, including standard-fit crosswind assistance called Side Wind Compensation.

Here at the 2017 CV Show in addition to a regular panel van, VW is also showing a (left-hand drive, but available in right-hand drive) Crafter dropside plus a couple of additional panel vans that are a little more special.

The first is a Mobile Service Clinic van – which is exactly what it sounds like: a portable workshop that brings servicing and repairs to you. VW launched the scheme late last year with the old Crafter, and you can read more details by clicking here.

The second is the #Crafter2Craftsmen. Slightly tiresome social media name aside, this has clearly been a fun project; this single van has been driven over 26,000 miles visiting 30 countries in order to show it to local craftsmen. Each of them has placed an object in the back, so it is filled with interesting mementos of its journey – which is roughly equivalent in distance to the circumference of the Earth.

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VW e-Load Up – a tiny all-electric LCV

Another UK debut, this time for the e-Load Up. To translate the name, this is an electric version of the Load Up, a tiddly LCV based on the Up city car. It is not sold over here, and VW currently doesn’t have any plans to offer it. It is fun to look at, however.

It’s also more spacious than you might think, with 990 litres of cargo space – despite the need to find room for the electric motor’s batteries. Payload is a modest 360kg, but we can still see this having a place for short-hop, ultra-green delivery services.

Unfortunately, we fear it would also price itself out of the market compared to slightly larger all-electric vans such as the updated Renault Kangoo ZE and Peugeot/Citroen Partner/Berlingo Electric twins also on display at the NEC.

Caddy Black Edition, Transporter Sportline and Amarok V6 at the CV Show 2017

Great looking vehicles, all of these – if you’re after a light commercial with visual impact each of them represents a great place to start. We’ve reviewed each of them already, so if you want more info here are the links you need:

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