Land Rover creates one-off emergency response Discovery

  • Land Rover has built a bespoke emergency response Discovery
  • Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations collaborated with the Austrian Red Cross
  • Features high-tech communications system and a drone

Land Rover has teamed up with the Austrian Red Cross to create a bespoke emergency vehicle based on the Discovery SUV.

The specially engineered vehicle was created by the brand’s Special Vehicle Operations unit, who worked with the Austrian team for 18 months. The result is a car that is designed to aid response times and efficiency in harsh and hazardous conditions, getting victims out of danger quicker and more safely.

The car, which has made its first public appearance at the 2018 Paris motor show, is based on the ‘Project Hero’ concept vehicle that went on display at the Geneva motor show in 2017.

Land Rover Discovery Red Cross off road

What technology does the emergency Discovery come with?

Land Rover has now made the concept a reality, and used a 256hp 3.0-litre Discovery as the base vehicle. While the engine remains unchanged from the standard car, the technology it comes with is far beyond what you will be able to add to a car you can buy yourself.

At the heart of the Discovery is a sophisticated communications system, but the tool that will play the biggest role when the Red Cross team is on the hunt for people in remote locations is the eight-rotor drone, which is fitted with a long-range thermal imaging camera.

The drone’s camera can spot a person from a height of 440m and a vehicle from as high as 1,000m up. The team will then be able to use the slide-out computer touchscreens in the car to get a precise set of co-ordinates for the person on the ground to help co-ordinate the response effort.

Land Rover Discovery Red Cross rear

The system also features four radio antennae to help in remote areas with poor communication signal.

For rescue missions at night and in poor light and harsh conditions, the vehicle is also fitted with 360-degree lighting.

Land Rover Discovery Red Cross interior

Despite the blocked out rear window in the luggage compartment, the Red Cross’s Discovery has seating for five, allowing it to carry a full team of responders and to provide room for patients.