LDV scrappage scheme – save £8,500 on the V80 van until 31 January 2018

  • Huge scrappage discount across entire LDV range
  • Only EV80 electric van doesn’t qualify
  • However, even new V80s don’t meet Euro 6

LDV has launched a van scrappage scheme, offering an astonishing £8,500 off the already budget bargain priced V80 large van.

This brings the cost of the short wheelbase SLR model down to just £10,535 – including VAT.

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Which versions of the LDV V80 are available with the £8,500 scrappage discount?

The scrappage discount is available right across the LDV V80 range – but doesn’t apply to the EV80 all-electric version.

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What’s the catch?

There isn’t a catch as such, but there are a couple of things you should consider before taking the plunge.

First of all, the discount is on the VAT-inclusive recommended retail price (RRP), rather than the ex-VAT figure. It is still a huge reduction on what is already the cheapest van in its class.

Perhaps more of an issue – assuming you see scrappage as a means to improving air quality and reducing emissions as well as a way of getting a large chunk of money off – is that the LDV V80 doesn’t meet the latest Euro 6 emissions regulations.

The 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine that powers the V80 range is Euro 5 compliant only. So you won’t be future-proofing yourself against ultra-low emissions zones (ULEZs) as well as you would with a rival van maker that uses more modern technology.

Which is to say, every other large van maker on the market.

How do I qualify for the LDV van scrappage scheme?

Still want to go ahead? Then you’ll need a qualifying van to trade in. This must have been registered before 1 January 2011 and meet Euro 4 emissions regulations at best (Euro 1-3 is also fine).

You new LDV V80 van needs to be registered before 31 January 2018 – but that shouldn’t be too difficult as LDV is selling the V80 from stock until a Euro 6 engine becomes available from its Chinese  parent company.

Full list of LDV V80 scrappage scheme prices.

With £8,500 off the retail price, this is what you’ll pay for an LDV V80 if you do have an old van to trade in:

  • LDV V80 SLR (short wheelbase low roof) – discounted from £19,035 to £10,535
  • LDV V80 LMR (long wheelbase medium roof) – discounted from £24,614 to £16,114
  • LDV V80 LHR (long wheelbase high roof) – discounted from £25,283 to £16,783
  • LDV V80 chassis cab – discounted from £24,659 to £16,159

All prices include VAT. Combi and Mini B minibus variants are also available with the scrappage discount.

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