New Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 pickup world debut at CV Show 2018 – an Arctic Trucks conversion that might still fit in a parking space

  • The ‘most capable Navara ever’ revealed in full at 2018 CV Show
  • Lifted suspension, 32-inch tyres, optional snorkel and front diff lock
  • Lifestyle and off-road pickup buyers have never had it so good

The world debut of the Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 completes the trifector of official Arctic Trucks pickup conversions at the CV Show 2018.

UPDATE: we have now driving the Nissan Navara AT32 - click here to read the Parkers Vans and Pickups review

Like the Isuzu D-Max Stealth and Toyota Hilux AT35, this Navara has also been subject to Icelandic intervention, and now promises much more hardcore off-road performance.

Hence having ‘Off-Roader’ as part of its name.

Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 at the CV Show 2018 - rear view

However, the AT32 part isn’t a typo – Nissan has gone for a slightly less extreme approach than its AT35 rivals, and the result may well be a more usable pickup in the UK. Either way, it’s yet another intriguing lifestyle choice in this sector.

What is the Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32?

According to Nissan ‘this is the first time a Navara has ever been developed with a partner brand for pan-European markets’. That partner brand is Arctic Trucks, the Iceland-based off-road experts who specialise in turning ordinary pickups into outrageous ones.

As per the AT35 conversions offered elsewhere, the 32 in AT32 represents the outside diameter of the tyres in inches.

Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 at the CV Show 2018 - side view

Though still specified for enhanced grip in tough conditions, their smaller size means less extensive bodywork modification is need to keep this Navara road legal – hence it doesn’t have quite the same wild wheelarch extensions as the Hilux and D-Max.

What else is different about the Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32?

The bigger tyres still demand raised suspension, however, and this Navara has been lifted 20mm compared to ordinary versions.

This sees ground clearance increase from 223mm to 243mm, in turn boosting the approach angle from 30.4 degrees to 35 degrees, and the breakover angle from 22.2 degrees to 24 degrees.

Total vehicle height goes up by 40mm.

Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 at the CV Show 2018 - wheelarches

Despite initial appearances, there are wheelarch extensions fitted as well – the better to catch flying debris – and there are underbody protection plates for the engine, transmission and fuel tank.

The wheels are Arctic Trucks’ own 17-inch design, while Nissan points out that the large tyres mean you can reduce the air pressure inside to more effectively tackle soft surfaces such as sand and snow (we did exactly this when crossing the desert in Oman in a VW Amarok recently).

What if I want even more off-road capability from my Nissan Navara AT32?

There are a couple of new official accessories that can help take the AT32 into even greater peril – namely a snorkel and a locking front differential.

The snorkel, shown on the display Navara at the CV Show, takes the water wading depth from 600mm to 800mm.

Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 at the CV Show 2018 - underbody protection

The front diff lock increases traction, and working together with the standard fit rear diff lock should ensure you make the best possible progress over slippery surfaces.

Are there any Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 engine and performance details yet?

As the top-spec model in the Navara line-up, the AT32 will certainly use the Nissan's most power 190hp 2.3-litre twin-turbo diesel engine, giving it more oomph than either the Toyota or the Isuzu while still having smaller tyres to turn.

This should make it pleasantly straightforward to drive. We hope.

Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 at the CV Show 2018 - front view on rocks

Exact performance details will be confirmed closer to launch, but don't be surprised if it's only fitted with the seven-speed automatic gearbox.

What about standard equipment on the Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32?

This doesn’t disappoint. These are just the highlight items:

  • Hill start assist
  • Hill descent control
  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)
  • 360-degree surround view camera system

That last can be especially useful off-road, but will also make it easier to cram this big pickup into a parking space without crippling the vehicles next to you in the process.

Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 at the CV Show 2018 - rear view on rocks

As with all Nissan Navaras, the Off-Roader AT32 comes with a five-year / 100,000-mile warranty.

What’s the price of the Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 and when does it go on sale?

Nissan isn’t saying how much the AT32 will cost just yet, as it doesn’t go on sale until later in 2018.

Hopefully it will be cheaper than the D-Max Stealth and Hilux AT35, which cost £44k and £50k, respectively, plus VAT.

We’ll bring you more info on the Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 – and a review – very soon.

Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 at the CV Show 2018 - rear badge

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