Renault Pro+ launches EasyLife van servicing plan but ends four-year warranty – plus £2k scrappage discount on Kangoo ZE electric van and other offers

  • £99 fixed-price servicing for Renault vans
  • £2k scrappage and 0% HP on Kangoo ZE 33
  • But also the end of the four-year warranty

Renault’s Pro+ van business has announced a new fixed-price servicing scheme called the EasyLife Plan – which gives buyers three years of servicing for £99, a saving of up to £560.

Renault Pro+ also has a series of new offers for February-March 2018, including a scrappage incentive for anyone looking to trade in an old van for the all-electric Renault Kangoo ZE.

Renault Pro+ free ply-lining offer

Other deals include free ply-lining, and a contract hire deal on the Renault Trafic Sport that makes it just £7 per month more than the entry-level Business specification.

What is the Renault Pro+ EasyLife Plan?

Not quite as exciting as it first sounds – because the servicing intervals on most Renault vans is 25,000 miles or two years now, your £99 only actually pays for a single service in the three-year period it’s valid for.

Now, £99 is still not a bad price for a van service, so it’s hardly a bad deal. Plus you can spread the cost across your finance plan, meaning you’ll probably not even notice paying for it.

Renault Pro+ launches EasyLife Plan for van servicing

On top of this the EasyPlan can be upgraded to add a fourth year of warranty and roadside assistance for an extra £300, a fourth year of servicing and warranty for £400, or a fourth year of servicing, warranty and roadside assistance for £500.

Wait, don’t Renault vans have four years of warranty cover anyway?

They did – it was called the Renault 4+ Package.

This has now gone, to be replaced by a three-year warranty, more in keeping with the rest of the industry. The saving in cost to Renault helps make the EasyLife £99 servicing deal possible.

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 scrappage deal – and 0% interest

The Kangoo ZE 33 is the latest version of Renault’s all-electric small van. Upgraded with greater battery capacity in 2017, it now has an official driving range of 170 miles – a massive increase over the previous 106-mile version.

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 review on Parkers Vans

As an electric van, it already receives a government grant that reduces the asking price. Now Renault is adding to this with a £2,000 scrappage discount.

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 scrappage discount

To qualify you need to have an old van – registered before 31 December 2010 – to trade in, but to sweeten the deal even further, Renault is also offering 0% hire purchase finance and three years’ free servicing.  

As an electric van The Kangoo ZE 33 creates zero emissions in motion, instantly giving your business a clean, green image, as well as being more refined and very easy to drive, thanks to its quiet electric motor drive and singe-speed transmission.

You do need to take the claimed range with a pinch of salt – around 100 miles is more likely. But as long as that fits within your daily routine, it’s easily recharged overnight and offers far lower running costs than a conventional diesel or petrol van.

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Any more details about those other Renault van deals?

The free ply-lining is available on every Renault van ordered in February and registered by the end of March.

Renault Trafic Sport finance deal

As for the finance offer on the Trafic Sport, that’s just the lead deal in whole series of offers for February-March 2018, including keen prices on the Kangoo and Master as well.

See your local Renault Pro+ dealer for more info.

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