Renault shows off conversion capability at CV Show 2018 - plus UK debut for Master ZE electric van

  • UK debut for Renault Master ZE electric van
  • Plus huge selection of specialist vehicle conversions
  • All the Renault news from the CV Show 2018

Renault is making its 20th appearance at the CV Show in 2018. And to mark the occasion it’s brought no less than 13 models to display – from the new Renault Master ZE electric van to a wide range of specialist conversions.

We’ve got the lowdown on all of them.

Renault Master ZE makes UK debut

The Master is the second all-electric van to become part the Renault light commercial vehicle (LCV) range – joining what’s set to become a diverse large electric van market in the coming years.

Renault Master ZE at the CV Show 2018

Powered by a 77hp electric motor and the same 33kWh battery pack as the smaller Renault Kangoo ZE, the Master ZE is said to be capable of a 75-mile real-world range, and has a payload capability of over 1.0-tonne (1,000kg).

We’ve already driven it, and found that, with 225Nm of instant torque, it has more than enough performance to satisfy last-mile delivery needs, which is exactly what it’s been designed for.

On sale in the UK in the last quarter of 2018, prices are expected to start around £55,000.

Renault Master ZE electric van review on Parkers Vans

What else is Renault showing at the CV Show 2018?

While the Master ZE is taking centre stage, it’s far from alone on the Renault stand as the Kangoo ZE (below) and 11 other vehicles highlight the diverse range of light commercial vehicles available from the French brand.

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 at the CV Show

That’s 13 Renault vans in total. Here’s the lot.

Renault van conversions at the CV Show 2018

Van conversions are a big theme of the 2018 CV Show, as every manufacturer is increasingly keen to let people know that it can provide more than just plain old panel vans.

Renault is something of an established master (no pun intended) at this, however, as it offers three different types of conversion scheme: Renault Tech, Off The Shelf (known as Renault OTS) and Tailor Made.

Renault Tech conversions are done at the factory by Renault itself – offering you peace of mind and proven design.

Renault OTS converions are standard conversions carried out here in the UK – standard meaning they appear in pricelists and have calculated residual values like any ordinary van.

Renault Tailor Made conversions are more bespoke, but still built by Renault factory-approved converters (of which there are 29 in the UK). This is an expanding area of the business, as specialised vehicles are becoming more and more popular.

Here are the examples on display at the CV Show 2018.

Renault Tech parcel delivery conversion at the CV Show 2018

Renault Master parcel delivery van conversion at the CV Show 2018

The Renault Tech parcel delivery van is based on the Master and has been designed specifically for the courier express parcel (CEP) industry in conjuction with UPS.

It’s key features are shelves in the load area that can be folded up and a walk-through bulkhead, which offers increased security and convenience.

It makes its UK debut at the 2018 CV Show, and is available to order for all types of delivery services.

Renault Tech Pharma van conversion at the CV Show 2018

Renault Master Pharma van conversion at CV Show 2018

Another Master-based factory conversion that’s now available for general orders, this one was designed in cooperation with Alliance Healthcare and has been specially adapted for the safe transport of pills and medicine that require a temperature-controlled environment.

The van features a lightweight, washable load lining, and a data recorder to ensure temperature inside remains between 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Renault OTS LoLoader conversion at the CV Show 2018

Renault Master LoLoader conversion at the CV Show 2018 - load area

Star of the OTS range is the familiar Master-based LoLoader built by Trucksmiths – which is Renault’s best-selling Off The Shelf conversion (also pictured at the top of the page).

Hardly a surprise, given it offers an impressive combination of 19 cubic metres of load volume, a 1,350kg payload and a 550mm loading height (450mmm if you spec the optiional air suspension).

This is low enough for many customers to avoid adding a taillift (which can weigh 200kg). It can also comfortably accommodate a Renault Twizy

Renault OTS aluminium-bodied tipper conversion at the CV Show 2018

Renault Master crew cab  tipper conversion at the CV Show 2018

Master-based Off The Shelf tipper conversions are nothing new, but now supplier VFS has created a version using aluminium for the tipper bed.

This saves 100kg, which immediately increases the payload – making it particularly suited to tipper double cab van conversions like the one on display.

Renault Tailor Made Trafic cherry picker conversion at the CV Show 2018

Renault Trafic cherry picker conversion at the CV Show

A brand new offering from the Tailor Made range is this compact Trafic-based cherry picker, built by CPL.

Its small size means it may appeal to urban operators, yet the mechanism still extends to 9.2m in height and can rotate through a full 360 degrees. We kind of want a go – it would make putting up the lights at Christmas an absolute doddle.

Renault Tailor Made Trafic campervan conversion at the CV Show 2018

Renault Trafic campervan conversion at the CV Show 2018

This is a new camper-conversion of the Trafic called the Esterela.

Build by approved converters Lunar Campers in the UK, this features an elevating roof, compressor fridge, glass-top hob, sink, fresh and waste water tanks and a 100W solar panel. Fancy.

Plus it promises a pricetag considerably lower than an equivalent based on a Volkswagen…

Renault Tailor Made Kangoo ZE fridge conversion at the CV Show 2018

Renault Kangoo ZE fridge conversion at the CV Show 2018

Finally there’s also a Coolkit fridge conversion based on the Kangoo ZE electric van on display.

Available as a fridge (0-8 degrees Celsius) or freezer conversion (down to -18 degrees Celsius), the installation is said to make ‘no demand’ on the Kangoo’s electric drivetrain, allowing it to maintain a real-world driving range of 124 miles.

Renault Trafic at the CV Show 2018

Beyond the conversions, Renault’s brought three regular examples of the Trafic medium van along – but even these are a bit out of the ordinary, as they demonstrate its ability to supply vans that are ready to go straight to work.

Renault Trafic Formula Edition with signwriting package and Sortimo racking

Renault Trafic with manufacturer direct signwriting and racking at CV Show 2018

Renault is hoping to further bolster its growing appeal to local fleets and smaller companies by introducing directly supplied signwriting – as demonstrated on this rather fetching Trafic Formula Edition.

In the back, this van has also been equipped with Sortimo Ready4Work racking.

Both the racking and the signwriting are done at the import centre that all Renault’s vans pass through, so they arrive at the dealership ready to go straight to work – saving businesses time, and therefore money.

You can probably already see the appeal.

Renault Trafic crew van at the CV Show 2018

Renault Trafic crew van at the CV Show 2018

This is an attractive six-seater crew van with fancy stripes. Job done.

Renault Trafic Passenger at the CV Show 2018

Renault Trafic Passenger at the CV Show 2018

This is an attractive nine-seater variant; supply of these has typically been sparse in the UK, but Renault is hoping to improve this going forward.

Renault Kangoo at the CV Show 2018

Renault’s last exhibit is a Kangoo crew van – but it’s worth a closer look than that might initially imply.

Renault Kangoo Crew van with EDC gearbox at the CV Show 2018

For starters, it’s got the EDC twin-clutch automatic gearbox, which is relatively new to the range and works very well (we tested it in a Kangoo Formula Edition earlier in 2018).

Even more interesting, however, is the multi-position bulkhead. This protects both rows of passengers when the rear row is in place, but when that rear row is cleverly folded into the floor it moves forward to protect just the front seats, maximising the load area.

A very clever piece of kit.

There are more pictures of every Renault model at the CV Show 2018 in the gallery above.

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