Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launches free MOT insurance scheme for VW vans and pickups

  • New VW van MOT insurance policy – it’s free
  • Covers costs up to £750 for qualifying repairs
  • Available for vans and pickups up to 10 years old

Got a VW van? Worried about your next MOT? Well, you can now give those fingernails a rest, as Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) has just announced an MOT insurance scheme that could cover you for up to £750’s worth of work, should your qualifying VW fail its next annual roadworthiness test.

You’ve probably got questions – read on for the answers.

How much does the VW van MOT insurance scheme cost?

Are you sitting down? The price of the VW Commercial Vehicles MOT insurance scheme is, astonishingly, absolutely nothing.

That’s right – it’s free.

You have got to register for the policy, and have a qualifying vehicle, but otherwise you’re getting cover to the value of £750 at no upfront cost whatsoever.

There is an excess fee to pay should you need to make a claim. But this is only £10.

What counts as a qualifying vehicle for the VWCV MOT insurance scheme?

According to VW, the insurance is available ‘for all Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles under 10 years old and / or with fewer than 150,000 recorded miles.’ All VW Caddy, Transporter, Crafter and Amarok models that meet this criteria should therefore be included.

However, there are limitations to when you can get the policy in order to claim from it.

Which is to say you can’t just turn up for an MOT and expect the cover when your van or pickup fails the test. You'll need to have made some prior contact with the Van Centre, for starters.

When and how do I get the VW van MOT insurance cover, then?

All customers with qualifying vehicles will be offered the cover whenever they get an MOT at a VW Van Centre – that cover will then be available for the next MOT.

Can I get the VW van MOT insurance before my upcoming MOT?

VW says its Van Centres ‘can arrange for the policy to be applied to all qualifying vehicles that are due an MOT more than 90 days in advance.’

So if it’s over about three months until your MOT is due, you can get cover now. But if it’s next week you’re out of luck.

What does the VW van MOT insurance policy cover?

A vast list of items that don't fall under general 'wear and tear'.

Examples we've been given include:

  • Suspension and steering components
  • Brake control systems (though not the discs and pads)
  • Seatbelts, including mountings and pre-tensioners
  • Airbags
  • Emission control systems, including catalytic converters
  • Electronics including the ECU and the stability control system
  • Fuel injection systems

Your nearest VW Van Centre should be able to give you even more details, but given the cover is free it would seem daft to turn it down on the basis of what it doesn't cover.

What doesn’t the VW van MOT insurance policy cover?

The exceptions are largely ‘wear and tear’ related. Here’s the example list that we’ve been given of what’s not covered:

  • Bulbs
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Fuses
  • Bodywork
  • Glass

The first four of these are precisely the sorts of things operators should be checking regularly anyway; there’s really not much excuse for failing an MOT because a bulb has blown, while bad tyres and brakes are extremely dangerous, and should be fixed as soon as issues become known.

As these are also things that obviously wear out during routine driving, it’s no surprise VW isn’t covering them.

The bodywork and glass exceptions are similarly understandable, as issues such as rust and broken windscreens can often be the result of how the vehicles are used.

To a certain extent rust should be covered by the vehicle’s standard warranties anyway, which cover the paintwork for three years from new and general bodywork for 12 years from new.

Does the MOT have to be taken at a VW dealer for the insurance cover to apply?

You will indeed need to get the MOT carried out at a VW Van Centre. But doing so does cover you for up to £750 in repairs, so is probably worth it.

As you can imagine, VW is offering this service as a means of encouraging owners and operators to visit their local dealership for parts and servicing as well – it's a demonstration of the kind of customer service VW believes its customers should expect.

What’s the excess on the VW van MOT insurance?

A mere £10. Not bad.

What happens if the MOT repair cost is greater than £750?

Well, you’ll have to stump up the rest of the cash, we’re afraid. Or scrap the van. One or the other.

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