VW Commercial Vehicles extends van scrappage scheme into 2018

  • Discounts of £1,000 to £2,000 on new VW vans
  • Scrappage CAN be combined with other offers
  • Trade-in vehicle must be a Euro 1-4 diesel

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has joined Ford and extended its van scrappage scheme into 2018.

The scheme was originally slated to end in December 2017, but you’ll now be able to get up to £2,000 off a new VW van when you trade in an old diesel for scrap until the end of March.

That doesn’t sound like a huge amount of money, but unlike the 2018 Ford scrappage deal, the new VW vans offer can be combined with other offers.

There are other differences, too, so keep reading for full details.

How much money is the VW vans scrappage discount?

At first glance, not a huge amount – it ranges from just £1,000 to £2,000, depending on the VW van you’re buying, and the criteria for qualification are stricter than most alternative schemes.

Here are the savings by model:

  • VW Caddy – including the Caddy Life people carrier: £1,000 scrappage scheme discount
  • VW Transporter – including the kombi: £2,000 scrappage scheme discount
  • VW Crafter: £2,000 scrappage scheme discount
  • There is no scrappage discount available on the VW Amarok pickup

As stated, these savings can be combined with other offers. In the case of the Caddy, this means a discount of as much as £3,500 is available in total to retail buyers.

How do you qualify for the VW van scrappage scheme?

To get the scrappage savings you need to have an old diesel vehicle to trade in for scrap. It doesn’t have to be a van – it can be a car – but it must be diesel.

It must also comply with Euro 1 to Euro 4 emissions regulations and it must have been registered before 1 January 2010.

Finally, the trade-in vehicle must have been registered to you for at least six months.

Euro 1 was the first European emissions regulations, and was introduced in 1992. Vehicles older than Euro 1 do not qualify for the Volkswagen vans scrappage scheme.

Trade-in vehicles will be scrapped.

How long does the extended VW vans scrappage last?

To take advantage of the VW scrappage scheme you’ll need to order your new van before 31 March 2018, and it needs to be registered before 30 June 2018.

Is the VW van scrappage scheme good value?

That all depends on how much your trade-in vehicle is worth.

You can check that using the Parkers Vans valuation tool by clicking here.

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