Citroen re-structures van dealership network to improve coverage

  • New two-tier Citroen van dealership programme
  • Means more dealers can properly serve van buyers
  • Increases coverage across the UK

 2019 Citroen Berlingo to benefit from extension of Citroen Business Centres to include new Business Active dealerships

Citroen is re-structuring its van dealerships in a move that will improve coverage across the country – meaning more owners and operators should find themselves in closer proximity to specialist light commercial vehicle (LCV) service and sales.

What’s new about Citroen’s van dealerships?

Prior to this change there was only one type of Citroen van dealership.

Known as Business Centres, they had strict rules governing what the dealership need to provide in order to qualify – such as display examples of every Citroen van model including some Ready To Run conversions, demonstrators available for test drive, and loan vehicles for customers whose own vans were being repair. Plus dedicated sales and support staff working solely on vans.

If you’ve read our story about Vauxhall’s new Van Business Centres you’re probably spotting some similarities. That’s no coincidence, as Vauxhall is now part of the same family of companies as Citroen.

These Citroen Business Centres still exist, but now Citroen is also introducing a second tier of LCV dealership level called Business Active.

What’s different about the new Citroen Business Active dealerships?

Simply put, the dealership doesn’t need to have such a dedicated van focus to achieve Business Active status.

Obviously it still needs a strong desire to sell vans, and its staff will have access to the same levels of specialised training in LCV and business-to-business (B2B) sales. But they won’t have to provide examples of every model, and the sales staff (for example) won’t have to be focused exclusively on vans.

The idea is that Business Active dealers will still have the knowledge necessary to properly support van buyers and operators, but with additional flexibility that makes it possible for more dealerships to take up the role.

So there are now more Citroen dealers that can look after van sales and service?

As a result of these changes, Citroen now has 41 full Business Centres and 75 additional Business Active outposts – meaning that out of 160 dealers overall, 116 of them can now help you with your van needs.

This gives Citroen far greater LCV coverage in the UK than before.

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