Nissan e-NV200 electric van selling twice as fast in 2019

  • Electric van’s sales double those in 2018 over same period
  • Signs that small businesses are starting to take EVs more seriously
  • Low running costs as well as green credentials are the key

Nissan e-NV200, white, driving - yes, we know it's a German numberplate, but apparently there are no fresh UK images available despite the sales success in 2019

Nissan has revealed that UK sales of its e-NV200 electric van are up 200% in the first part of 2019 – a strong indicator that British businesses are taking a keener interest in zero emissions light commercial vehicle (LCV) solutions.

But is it really about going green, or are UK operators simply taking advantage of the lower running costs of electric vans?

Why does Nissan think the e-NV200 is selling so well in 2019?

It’s a combination of factors. Nissan particularly highlights that it is ‘small business leaders’ driving the increased popularity of the e-NV200, largely down to their need for maximum efficiency.

Efficiency includes costs here, something that’s not only calculated on a cost-per-mile of ‘fuel’ basis, but also includes concerns about the rise of ultra-low emissions zones, which older, more polluting vehicles face additional charges to enter.

However, Nissan also believes that many small business feel that change in this area is inevitable. In a survey it carried out earlier in 2019, it found that 24% of UK small businesses expect van fleets to be fully electric within a decade.

Is the Nissan e-NV200 very cheap to run?

Well, it depends on how you drive it – and the cost of the electricity you use to power it – but like all electric vans it should certainly be cheaper than an equivalent diesel model.

Nissan reckons the e-NV200 can be run for as little as 2p per mile.

How far can you drive it on a charge?

You can find full details of this in our review of the most recent 40kWh model, introduced in 2018. But the 174-mile claimed driving range is the greatest of any electric van currently on sale – though there are new models due in 2019 that are promises to do even better.

How many e-NV200s have been sold exactly?

More than 10,000 of the latest 40kWh version have been delivered since it first went on sale in February 2018, and in the previous two years the older version with a smaller battery pack had been the bestselling electric van in Europe. Over 20,000 have been sold in total since 2014.

The e-NV200 was also the bestselling van in 10 markets in 2018 – including the UK – though the overall European leader was the Renault Kangoo ZE.

What’s the lead time on an e-NV200?

Nissan reckons if you order one now you’ll be driving it within three months.

Why does Nissan think the e-NV200 has been so successful?

According to Nissan Europe’s director of LCVs, Paolo D’Ettore: ‘The success of the e-NV200 truly demonstrates that we have the right product at the right time. The acceleration of fleet electrification – especially in city centres – is a challenge for our customers, so we recognise the need to work with them and provide the optimal ecosystem to support a smooth transition to electric vehicles.’

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