Coronavirus (COVID-19) – van warranty and servicing advice

  • Van and pickup makers respond to warranty concerns
  • What to do if you can’t get a service on time due to coronavirus
  • What to do if you need to make a warranty claim

Van and pickup warranty advice during the coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic drags on, and we continue to be told that we should stay inside, some of you may be starting to worry what this might mean for the warranty on your van or pickup.

For instance, if you can’t get to a service centre on schedule – either because the nearest ones are closed or very busy, or because you’re in lockdown, self-isolating – does this mean your van’s warranty will be invalidated?

And what if you need to make a warranty claim, but can’t for the same reasons?

Well, we’ve been in touch with every van and pickup manufacturer operating in the UK, and will be posting their responses to these very questions here on this page. As with our other coronavirus info pages, it will be updated as more info comes in, or if anything else changes.

However, it’s clear that if your vehicle is due some work, the best thing to do is to log a request with the manufacturer as soon as you can, so that if it’s then impossible for the work to be carried out on schedule they will at least see that you’ve tried, and will aim to accommodate you as soon as the situation becomes less difficult.

Here are the responses we’ve received so far, in alphabetical order:

Fiat Professional

Here’s the official word from Fiat:

With servicing and warranty work, customers should book it in using the retailer locator link on the website or they can contact our Customer Services Centre who will issue them with a case number so that the warranty work or servicing can be carried out once the workshop reopens.

The telephone number for Fiat Professional Customer Services is: 0800 3428 0000 (though you should expect this to be rather busy, for similar reasons to everything else).


Here's the breakdown of what's happening from Ford, with all 'Warranty Actions effective until 31 May 2020':

  • > Warranty claims to be extended to 180 days during this time.
  • > Warranty Manual requires signature – if customer is unavailable or cannot sign, service person can sign on customer’s behalf.
  • > Warranty Dealer Support teams are operating across Europe. There may be a delay to responses, but the team will deal with them.
  • > Warranty Claim Appeals Time Limit – Submission time for appealing warranty claims online will be extended to 180 days.
  • > Scheduled Service – Current tolerance of one month of scheduled service due date will be suspended during this time. Distance tolerances remain at 1,000 miles.
  • Current time limit to complete a warranty repair within 14 days of warranty expiring is suspended during this time.


The official statement from Iveco is as follows:

'Due to the current exceptional circumstances and to support the COVID-19 emergency, should an Iveco customer contact us to advise that their fleet is being put into “hibernation” as a consequence, Iveco would offer the customer a three month suspension on their Repair and Maintenance contract on all vehicles that will be stationary and not in use. The Repair and Maintenance contract will restart as soon as the customer communicates that the vehicle is back in use.'


Mitsubishi has a full Q&A page on its website about the impact of COVID-19, including the following statement about servicing and warranties:

A Mitsubishi Service Plan usually has a one month window in which you can claim the service but in the current circumstances we will be extending this period. Please contact your local dealer once they have re-opened to book your service, but in the meantime please limit your vehicle to within 1,000 miles of the recommended service mileage.

Mercedes-Benz Vans

Mercedes has sent us the following list of information:

  • > For customers unable to attend a service appointment when their van’s service is due, a temporary revised limit for overdue services has been implemented. The limit has increased to 180 days / mileage interval exceeded by 20% (previously 90 days / mileage interval exceeded by 10%).
  • > For ServiceCare customers unable to have their service completed at the scheduled time or until after expiry date of the plan, providing the plan is either paid in full or the direct debit continues until fully paid, the plan will still be honoured.
  • > Customers’ MobiloVan top-up cover will continue in-line with the temporary revised limit for servicing as shown above.
  • > Customers are no longer required to physically sign for warranty work and ServiceCare until further notice.
  • > Warranty based repairs reported within warranty period will be honoured up to three months after the expiry of the three-year warranty.

PSA Group: Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall

These guys have applied the same standard across their car and van ranges, saying:

Customers can continue to use their vehicles providing that the required maintenance is performed within 3 months or 1,800 miles of the specified service intervals.

Renault Pro+

Renault is also doing the same with cars and vans, saying:

Any service delayed as result of the COVID 19 crises where the customer has been asked to self-isolate or dealer activity has been restricted, will not affect the customer’s warranty.


Here’s the word from SsangYong:

As of 12 March 2020 the Government set out guidelines, advising that all non-essential movement should be avoided and that all vulnerable persons or persons showing any symptoms should self-isolate.  

Any vehicle with scheduled maintenance whose owner may be affected by self-isolation or limitations on movement will not have their vehicle warranty jeopardised. The usual “period of grace” has been extended from 1 month or 1,000 miles to 2 months or 2,000 miles whichever comes first.  

We will continue to monitor the situation and will communicate any amendments to this notification.’


Toyota’s vans and cars are covered by the same warranty features, and thus the same response applies to both:

'If you are concerned about your vehicle’s routine servicing, please do not worry. Toyota GB would like to reassure you that for the foreseeable future we intend to take a flexible and sympathetic approach to any service schedule or warranty issues.'


VW Commercial Vehicles has given us the following statement:

If someone can’t get warranty work done because Van Centres are closed or only dealing with urgent or key worker vehicles, any issues that would normally be covered by warranty will still be covered provided customers have reported the fault to the Centre within the warranty period.

If the Centre is closed due to COVID-19 and so customers cannot report the fault, they need to email our Customer Services Centre (refer to Contact Us page on website) writing 'WARRANTY CLAIM' and their REGISTRATION NUMBER in the subject line. They will record your notification and give customers a reference number which can be passed to the repairing Centre when they reopen to accept bookings. Existing warranty periods will not be extended.

Essentially the same with service – if work is due we’re advising people to contact their local Centre to establish availability and that’s also an opportunity to discuss if the work can be postponed, which on many occasions it can be.

We've now (14 April 2020) been sent a further clarification of VW's warranty position during the coronavirus complexity:

'If there is a valid warranty claim on your vehicle but the repair could not be completed before the warranty expired due to the current government measures related to COVID-19, these repairs will be accepted by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as being covered by warranty for up to 90 days after your warranty expiry date.'

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