Yomper 4x4 Suzuki Jimny pickup conversions – compact practicality

  • Yorkshire-based Yomper 4x4 creates variety of Jimny pickup trucks
  • Conversions all available with full IVA type approval
  • Option of extended wheelbase, up to 500kg payload

Looking for an off-road capable utility vehicle but concerned modern pickups are too big for your requirements? Then these Yomper 4x4 conversions based on the Suzuki Jimny SUV could be worth investigating.

Built in Yorkshire by Samson Engineering Limited, they come not only in a variety of two-seater bodystyles with payload capacity of up to 500kg, they are also available with an extended wheelbase for added practicality.

There’s even an electric vehicle conversion, too.

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Someone is converting old Jimnys into commercial vehicles?

That someone is Giles Walker, Yomper 4x4 CEO, who has this to say about the product: ‘We’ve always worked in an environment where we apply advanced engineering principles to meet the specific demands of a job, so when I heard from a lot of people in my local community – many of whom are farmers - about the lack of a suitable small utility SUV on the market I decided it would be a great opportunity to create one.’

Fundamentally: ‘You can’t buy an inexpensive go-anywhere working vehicle anymore, so I decided to make one.’

Giles Walker, CEO of Yomper 4x4

Why did Walker choose the Jimny? ‘As an off-road and trials bike enthusiast myself, I know what makes a good SUV, so the natural choice for the base vehicle was the Suzuki Jimny – cheap, affordable and reliable, yet small enough to go where other off-roaders can’t and with exceptional off-road capabilities, without the issue of a heavy off road ‘tyre print’.’

How many different types of Yomper 4x4 are there?

There are five main versions, starting with the Yomper 275C Commercial.

This variant uses the special long wheelbase (LWB) chassis, has an alloy dropside back, 50mm lifted suspension and the 500kg payload capacity.

Another option is the Yomper 275K Karry, which is described as a ‘construction type’ pickup body with fixed sides and a drop-down tailgate; otherwise the spec is the same as Commercial.

Yomper 4x4 montage

Meanwhile, the Yomper 225B Bergen is a ‘ute type’ truck with short-wheelbase (SWB) chassis but extended load bed, 50mm lift and choice of 350kg or 500kg payload capacity.

The Yomper 225Y Rustler is similar to the Bergen but without the extended load bed and with the lift kit only optional.

Finally, the Yomper 225FS Field Star is a tray-back with 350kg or 500kg load capacity; the lift kit and semi-floatation tyres are optional. Yomper describes this as ‘the gamekeepers' choice’.

A bare chassis cab conversion can be ordered if a more specialist rear body conversion is required.

What’s the difference with the extended wheelbase?

The standard Jimny wheelbase is 2250mm. Yomper extends this by 500mm to 2750mm for its LWB models, also adding a further 200mm of load length behind the rear axle.

Handy for extra carrying capacity, no doubt. But we suspect this might also improve the Jimny’s on-road driving behaviour – the most recent Jimny Light Commercial Vehicle is rather skittish at speed, to say the least.

What age of Jimny are Yompers based on?

The firm typically uses ‘Gen 3’ Jimnys built from 2005 to 2017 – earlier Gen 3 models may be considered as donor vehicles if they’re in good enough condition.

Yomper 4x4 in the countryside

The latest 2018-onwards Gen 4 Jimny can also be converted.

Yomper only builds conversions based on Jimnys that meet its own exacting standards – you can’t just rock up in your existing example and expect to get it transformed into a pickup. All mechanicals are overhauled, and in some instances upgraded, as part of the conversion process.

Are Yomper 4x4s road legal?

Yomper puts all of its Jimny pickup conversions through the UK government’s Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) process to ensure they are safe and fully road legal.

What engines do they use?

For right-hand drive, Gen 3 models are limited to the original Suzuki 1.3-litre petrol engine – though left-hand drive conversions are possible using the 1.5-litre diesel. Manual and automatic gearboxes are supported.

Gen 4 conversions use the Suzuki 1.5-litre petrol, again with manual or automatic gearbox.

All models are four-wheel drive, just like the Jimny.

Yomper 4x4 interior

Alternative, Yomper is able to provide an electric vehicle conversion, called the Yomper Spark EV.

Everything is built to order, so can be tailored to exact customer specifications.

How much does a Yomper 4x4 cost?

This very much depends on specification, but it is possible to get one built for less than £20,000, including a 12-month warranty. Not exactly bargain basement, but these things have bespoke bodywork and proper type approval – and that still represents a chunky saving over a modern full-size pickup.

See the Yomper 4x4 website for more details.

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