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Best cars

Looking for a new car to buy, but not sure which is the best? From the best sports cars, to the best first cars, we bring you our collections of the best cars you should consider today. Browse our lists by budget, car type and lifestyle to find the best match for your needs. We also have lists of the best cars for towing or driving in snow, as well as the best SUVs and saloons too. Find your new car today! 

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  • Suzuki Swift Sport

    The best superminis 2019

    If you’re looking for a small hatchback with supercar-baiting performance, the competition is hot. Most manufacturers offer sub seven-second 0-62mph times and more than 150hp in their smallest cars. These superminis...

  • Mazda MX-5 sports car

    The best sports cars in 2019

    Buying a sports car isn't like buying an everyday car for commuting to and from work. It's not a practical decision based on the size of its boot or whether...

  • Citroen C3 - small cars with big boots

    Small cars with big boots

    You need a small car to make light work of city-based driving but often compact cars don’t have enough space for your belongings. Or perhaps you like the nippiness of...

  • Volkswagen Golf

    Best commuter cars

    Whether work is a necessary chore or a fulfilling career for you, most of us spend an astonishing amount of time and money getting there. The TUC’s – Trades Union...

  • BMW X1 - the best crossovers

    The best small SUVs for 2019

    Wanting a crossover doesn't have to mean buying a beast of a car that blocks sunlight from your lounge window. There are plenty of small SUVs and compact cars on...

  • Best family cars 2019

    Having a family – especially a growing one – means your choice of car is an incredibly important decision to make. Not only is it a big investment, but it...

  • 2018 VW Touareg in white

    The best towing cars

    What better way to explore Britain’s rich historical sites and beautiful countryside than to go away for the weekend with your caravan in tow? Today’s generation of larger four- and six-berth...

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