Best cars 2022

Parkers Car of the Year 2022

Looking for the best cars to buy? You've come to the right place. Cars come in all shapes and sizes, and what we know is that most now achieve a very high standard across the board. But what are the absolute best ones out there?

To help you, we've gathered up the latest winners in the Parkers New Car Awards and present them here for you. We have SUVs, hatchbacks, saloons and sports cars – what a great selection for you to choose from, and tell you why we think they're all winners.

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Best cars 2022

Scroll down to discover our list of the best cars in the UK

1. Skoda Enyaq iV
2. Renault Clio
3. Ford Puma
4. SEAT Leon Estate
5. Kia Sorento
6. Fiat 500e
7. Volkswagen ID.3
8. Land Rover Discovery
9. BMW 330e
10. Toyota GR Yaris

1. Skoda Enyaq iV

Winner: Car of the Year 2022

✅ Claimed battery range of up to 336 miles
✅ Good value for money

Options can significantly jack up the price
Looking for a 'sporty' drive? Look elsewhere

The Skoda Enyaq iV achieves top honours in the Parkers New Car Awards 2022—not only bagging Car of the Year, but also Best Large Electric Car—and in doing so beats some very impressive challengers to do so. Sharing technology with sister brands, the VW ID.4 and Audi Q4, the Enyaq achieves something quite remarkable by outshining both. Not only because it's better value or cheaper to run, but because it's a more appealing all-rounder.

2. Renault Clio

Renault Clio (2021) winner best first car 2021

Winner: Best First Car 2022

✅ Looks great from all angles
✅ Impressively low running costs

Handling and refinement could be better
Tight rear passenger room

Winning in 2021 makes it a hat-trick of awards for the Renault Clio, taking home our Best First Car trophy for the third year in a row. It’s high praise for the French supermini, but it’s deserved – this is a car that’s not only handsome to look at but good to drive, well-equipped and very well priced.

3. Ford Puma

Ford Puma (2020) front view

Winner: Best Small Family Car 2022

✅ Great to drive & boot is spacious

Economical mild-hybrid engines

❌ Dashboard is uninspiring

Infotainment not especially intuitive

Last year’s Small Family Car winner retains the crown for 2022, with the Puma fending off potential rivals that have since been launched. This Ford is still the one to beat, with the stylish SUV offering a range of economical petrol engines, a fun driving experience and a large dose of practicality for family life.

4. SEAT Leon Estate

Parkers Best Medium Car of the Year 2022

Winner: Best Medium Family Car 2022

✅ Up-to-date interior tech

Good value for money

❌ Lack of dash buttons a bit off putting

Tech is spec dependent

The SEAT Leon Estate's spaciousness and style win out here. The back seat provides plenty of room for adults or child seats alike, and interior storage is plentiful. Better yet, the price for this practicality isn’t driving an ugly bus – the Leon’s a lean, attractive estate car that drives as sharply as it looks.

5. Kia Sorento

Winner: Best Large Family Car 2022

✅ Flexible cabin space, up to 7 occupants

Reasonable running costs

❌ Top models remain pricey

Hybrid models can str

The Kia Sorento is well equipped, well built and should prove totally dependable with a seven-year warranty to back that up. It’s easy to drive and comes with a choice of frugal engines, be it a traditional diesel, regular hybrid or a plug-in if you want to really lower running costs or company car tax bills.

6. Fiat 500e

Winner: Best Small Electric Car

✅ Wonderfully stylish inside and out

Quick and fun to drive

❌ If you want it well-equipped, it'll cost you

Not especially practical

The Fiat 500 Electric nails the brief in today’s world – combining style, the latest tech and a nippy driving experience without having to use a drop of petrol.  The interior is sleek and simple to use with up-to-date tech.

7. Volkswagen ID.3

Parkers Best Medium Electric Car of the Year 2022

Winner: Best Medium Electric Car 2022

✅ Impressive performance, space

Low starting price, decent equipment

❌ Cheap-feeling interior

Infotainment not especially intuitive

If you want an EV that looks and feels futuristic, but won’t leave you feeling alienated, the ID.3 manages this extremely well. You can be as bold as you like with the styling and all models claim to achieve over 200 miles per full charge. The longer-range Tour offers 330+ miles from its larger battery if you need to go further.

8. Land Rover Discovery

Parkers Best Seven-Seater 2022

Winner: Best Seven-Seater of the Year 2022

✅ Despite size, it's surprisingly economical

Great off-road, good on it

❌ Premium pricing, costly opti

Infotainment not especially intuitive

The Discovery has always been a hugely commodious family car, with seven well-sized seats and the ability to remotely fold the rear two rows electrically at the push of a button. In-car wifi, off-road capability and that all-important commanding view out of the windows makes this an easy pick.

9. BMW 330e

Winner: Company Car of the Year

✅ Precise steering and balanced handling

Great hybrid efficiency and performance

❌ 320d more frugal if you can't charge battery regularly

Reduced boot space, compared with non-plug ins.

There are few plug-ins that are as much fun to punt down your favourite B road as BMW 330e. Thankfully it settles down to a comfortable and quiet cruise, making this a fine mile muncher.  A plush interior with plenty of high-quality materials and the best infotainment system on the market today make this BMW 330e a Company winner.

10.Toyota GR Yaris

Winner: Thrill-seeker of the Year 2022

✅ Fabulous acceleration and performance

Compact and confidence-inspiring

❌ Sounds less than exciting

Less practical than a regular Yaris

If there’s one thing we’ve got to say about the Toyota GR Yaris, it’s believe the hype. Few performance cars have delivered such a joyous driving experience in recent years, and the fact it’s relatively affordable makes it even better. Its diminutive size means it’s ridiculously light for a modern hot hatch and fast!

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