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Best cars

This is the Parkers guide to the best cars on sale in the UK today. Browse our lists by budget, car type and lifestyle - to find the best match for your needs

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  • Renault Zoe - Best Electric Cars

    The best electric cars you can buy

    Electric cars have existed since the dawn of motoring in the late-1800s, but it’s only in recent years that car buyers are taking a greater interest in them. Developments in battery...

  • Fiat Panda Cross

    Best cheap 4x4s

    While you’re unlikely to see a tall SUV with a heavy four-wheel drive system winning awards for fuel economy, 4x4s aren’t anywhere near as expensive to run as...

  • Mazda 6 Tourer

    Best family cars

    Describing the best family car is as difficult as defining the typical family. In reality there’s no such thing in either case – there are just too many variables to...

  • Volkswagen Golf

    Best commuter cars

    Whether work is a necessary chore or a fulfilling career for you, most of us spend an astonishing amount of time and money merely getting there. The TUC’s – Trades...

  • Skoda Kodiaq

    The best family SUVs

    If your family is expanding and you need a new SUV to cope with your growing brood, here are the Parkers favourites for 2018. With so many SUVs, crossovers, 4x4s...

  • 2017 Ford Mustang Convertible

    The best automatic convertible cars

    If you’re looking for an automatic convertible car there's a wide selection of luxuruious cabriolets on offer, although if you want a sporty roadster, more often than not this purer,...

  • Abarth 595

    The best small hot hatchbacks

    If you’re looking for a small hatchback with supercar-baiting performance, the competition is as hot as the performance with most manufacturers offering sub seven-second 0-62mph times and over 150hp in...

  • Mercedes E-Class Estate - best estate cars for golfers

    Best estate cars for golfers

    If you’re a golfer, the size of your car’s boot is vital if you want to fit your golf clubs, bags, trolley and everything else in for an 18-hole round. Standing...

  • Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer - cheap estate cars

    The best cheap estate cars

    Lots of things are getting smaller these days, from the microchips in your smartphone to the amount of leg room you get on a plane. However, there are plenty of things...

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