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Buying new

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Lexus LC Coupe: which is best for me?

The best Lexus LC Coupe models

We’ve only had a brief chance to sample both versions so far, but would suggest that an LC 500 in Sport+ specification makes the most sense to us given the nature of the car. That’s the most popular trim with this engine.

However, most hybrid buyers are expected to settle for the standard LC 500h. 

Which Lexus LC Coupe should I pick?

Buying used

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Lexus LC Coupe model history

  • February 2017 – Available to order ahead of customer delivers in the summer. Both the petrol LC 500 and hybrid LC 500h are available in standard, Sport and Sport+ specifications.


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Buying a new Lexus LC Coupe

Lexus LC Coupe: will it be easy to buy new?

Lexus has a long history of provide exemplary customer service and there’s no reason at all to expect different here.

Ensure you thoroughly research your options before committing – there aren’t many ways to spend a lot more cash on your car, but some of them affect the way the LC drives quite dramatically.

Watch out for colour combinations that could put prospective buyers off when you come to sell on. 

Buying a used Lexus LC Coupe

Lexus LC Coupe: will it be easy to buy used?

Ensure the car you’re buying is as good as it can be. It won’t pay to scrimp here, so look only at vehicles that have a full Lexus service history and ideally become available through the firm’s approved used scheme.

Check all the electrical and mechanical systems work correctly, and if you’re not confident, an engineer’s report could be another way to get valuable peace of mind.

As ever, carry out a Parkers Car History Check to ensure there’s no hidden past you should be aware of. 

Buying and selling your Lexus LC Coupe

Selling your Lexus LC CoupeSelling your Lexus LC Coupe

We don’t envisage much choice on the used market so it’s worth spending some time and money to get your car into the best state possible. Only the cleanest and most honest LCs will make a good secondhand buy, so get it valeted and any minor imperfections fixed – preferably by Lexus.

Then it’s a case of taking a full set of clear images and perhaps a walk-around video before advertising the car in as many places as you can. Try enthusiasts’ forums and clubs alongside the usual channels. 


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