Bri-Stor launches Contego canopy for pickups

  • Can fit the Ranger, Hilux and L200
  • Weighs 90kg meaning little impact on payload
  • Has a roof-load capacity of up to 150kg

With over 30 years of experience, Bri-Stor is one of the UK’s leading conversion companies specialising in in-vehicle storage. The company has recently launched the Contego canopy range, which has been specially adapted to fit the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200.

Hardtop canopies provide a cover for tools and equipment in the load area, which protects from the weather and theft. The Contego hardtops are durable and weigh just 90kg, meaning there is very little intrusion into the payload.

The Contego hardtop matches the contours of the pickup cab, which improves the aerodynamics and helps reduce the impact on fuel economy. There is also a wide range of manufacturer colours available so it’s possible to match that to the vehicle body.

Constructed from a mild steel, the hardtop is very strong and there is a static load capacity of up to 150kg. The Contego hardtops bolt onto the vehicle body with two sideload gullwing doors which improve accessibility.

Priced from around £1,500 plus VAT, the hardtops are slightly more expensive than other canopies, but Bri-Stor is a more reputable and trusted name in the industry. The Contego hardtops are corrosion protected and the top is leak resistant for added peace of mind.

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