Toyota launches scrappage scheme – including £2k discount on Hilux pickup

  • Toyota joins Ford and VW with trade-in discount
  • First to offer scrappage saving on a pickup
  • But can’t be combined with any other offers

If you’ve been looking for a scrappage scheme deal on a pickup you’ve been out of luck so far – Ford and Volkswagen have excluded their respective Ranger and Amarok trucks in the small print of their schemes. But now Toyota has joined the scrappin’ action, and it is offering a £2,000 discount off the Hilux.

If you’re more interested in the Proace van, don’t worry – there’s a £2,000 scrappage saving on that Toyota as well.

Details of the Toyota commercial vehicle scrappage scheme

As per Ford and VW, this is an incentive that’s intended to promote brand new, lower emissions vehicles – in addition to propping up sales what are tricky market conditions at the moment.

Toyota scrappage scheme includes Hilux pickup as well as Proace van

You can trade-in any car or van to get the discount on the Hilux or Proace – so long as the motor you’re trading in is over seven years old and has been registered to you for the last six months.

This is a slight variation from the Ford and VW schemes, which both require the trade-in to be registered before 2010; Ford also only requires you to have owned the old banger for 12 weeks.

In accordance with scrappage scheme law, the trade-in vehicle will be scrapped. Toyota confirms this actually means recycled, via its partner Autogreen.

How much money will the Toyota scrappage scheme save me?

The scrappage scheme saving on the Toyota Hilux and Proace is £2,000.

And unlike the Ford, VW and Renault schemes, however, this saving cannot be combined with any other Toyota offers.

Toyota scrappage scheme - is it a good deal?

Toyota reckons the scrappage discount should be greater than any existing incentives on the Hilux and Proace anyway. We say it’s likely you may be able to find a better deal without resorting to it if you shop around.

For example, check out the Parkers Vans for sale section for deals on new Toyotas before heading to the dealership. You can compare lease deals on Parkers Vans, too.

And don't forget you can check the value of any van or car using the Parkers valuation tool. Worth doing before contemplating any scrappage scheme to make sure you're not getting ripped off.

How long is the Toyota scrappage scheme running for?

Toyota’s scrappage scheme runs from 1 September to 31 December 2017. See your nearest Toyota dealer for full details.

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