Fiat introduces new Sportivo range at the CV Show 2018

  • Sporty new upgrade packs for entire Fiat van range
  • Plus new Ready for Professionals factory conversions
  • Doblo Work Up and Fullback pickup also on display

Fiat is launching a new Sportivo trim level across its entire van range at the CV Show 2018.

As the name suggests, the Sportivo pack includes a number of sporty upgrades, and will be available on every Fiat van from the Fiorino to the Ducato.

Fiat Fiorino Sportivo at the CV Show 2018

Why they all had their bonnets open we have no idea…

How much does the Fiat Sportivo pack cost?

Prices for the Sportivo trim upgrade start at £1,500 for the Fiorino and Doblo at the most basic level, rise to £1,800 for the mid-range Talento and finish at £3,230 for the more intensive upgrades on the Ducato.

Fiat Ducato Sportivo at the CV Show 2018

All prices are excluding VAT.

What does the Fiat Sportivo pack include?

Interior upgrades include a leather steering wheel on all models, plus air-conditioning, cruise control and parking sensors.

On the outside, Sportivo models feature alloy wheels, metallic paint  and the less-than-subtle graphics on the side, while the more extravagant Ducato enhancements also include a fancy black and chrome grille as well as a ‘Techno Dashboard’.

Fiat Doblo Cargo Sportivo at the CV Show 2018

The Sportivo upgrades are entirely aesthetic, so don’t include any additional performance.

What else is Fiat displaying at the CV Show 2018?

Fiat Ducato Luton at the CV Show 2018

Alongside the Sportivo range, Fiat is showcasing a Ducato ambulance, a Ducato Luton conversion, two versions of the Fullback pickup (Cross and LX) and a Doblo Work Up.

The Ducato Luton is an example of the new Fiat Ready for Professionals factory conversion range, which also includes dropsides and tippers.

What’s a Fiat Doblo Work Up?

Why, it’s a natty kind of compact dropside pickup based on the Doblo Cargo van – no other manufacturer offers anything quite like it in the UK.

Fiat Doblo Work Up at the CV Show 2018

The example on display is a powered by a 105hp 1.6-litre turbodiesel engine capable of a claimed 49.6mpg, has a nominal payload of 1,005kg, and can tow up to 1,300kg.

The load bed is 2,300mm long, 1,818mm wide, with dropside side walls that are 350mm tall. We’re rather taken by it.

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