Mercedes Vans launches new ServiceCare maintenance plan website

  • Buy service plans online or pay monthly
  • Manage the cost of essential maintenance
  • Up to four years of cover available

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a service or maintenance plan – simply put, these allow you to pay for vehicle servicing ahead of time, either in one upfront sum or in monthly instalments.

But figuring out which plan will suit you and your budget best hasn’t always been the easiest of tasks. Mercedes-Benz has solved this problem for its van and pickup customers with the launch of a new dedicated ServiceCare maintenance plan website.

How does the Mercedes ServiceCare maintenance plan website work?

Enter your number plate or, if you don’t know the registration details, select the correct model of van from the list, and the site quickly brings up the appropriate pricing.

You can then select the number of years or services you want cover for, or view all the pricing options at once – making it easy to figure out which plan suits your budget.

The site displays a lump sum cost and a monthly price for every option. It really is very straightforward.

If you’ve entered the registration number you can even go ahead and purchase the plan online – although this is only available for lump sum payments. If you want to pay monthly or by direct debit you’ll need to request a call back from your preferred dealer to arrange the details.

Don’t want to buy straightaway? Then you can opt to have details of your chosen plan emailed to you.

Can you get a ServiceCare maintenance plan for old and new Mercedes vans and pickups?

You can. The website has a simple check box to say whether the van or pickup in question is younger or older than 90 days (approximately three months) – although if you’ve entered the registration number you won’t need to select this, the site will work it out for you.

Do I need to know any other details of my van or pickup?

You’ll need to confirm whether it’s a manual gearbox or automatic transmission, but beyond that it’s just a case of working out how many services or years of cover you want to pay for.

What Mercedes ServiceCare options are there?

The website allows you to select cover for between one and four years, and between two and six services.

The number of services you need per year will be determined by how many miles you drive. You can pay to have six in a single year if you need to, and then buy another service plan for the following year.

Do you pay interest on the monthly Mercedes ServiceCare payments?

No. The monthly payment options are interest free, but you have to make the arrangements with your local or preferred dealer. You can only buy a ServiceCare plan online in a single lump sum.

Are there any restrictions on the Mercedes ServiceCare plans?

If you are planning a service in the next three months you either need to buy a ServiceCare plan with more services than payment years, or be prepared to pay upfront for the plan (meaning buy it in a single lump sum).

You cannot buy a Mercedes ServiceCare plan if you still have more than 30 days remaining on your existing ServiceCare plan.

ServiceCare plans are not available for vehicles powered by V6 engines.

Why has Mercedes launched a dedicated ServiceCare website?

Over to managing director of Mercedes-Benz Vans UK, Steve Bridge:

‘We know that ServiceCare plans provide an attractive option for van owners and operators to ensure vehicle maintenance is taken care of, so by launching a new website dedicated to making researching and purchasing them easier, we are providing even more options for our busy customers.’

What is the address for the Mercedes Vans ServiceCare website?

The ServiceCare website is at this address: https://buyserviceplans/

You can also access it via the regular Mercedes-Benz Vans website.

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