Next-gen Ford Ranger – leaked photos

  • Are these unofficial pictures of the 2022 Ford Ranger? They sure look like it
  • Scooped by Australia’s Wheels magazine, shared by us with Wheels’ permission
  • Leaked images could also provide heavy hint about the next-gen VW Amarok

Parkers' Australian cousins at Wheels have got themselves quite a scoop – which they’ve been kind enough to share with us. What you’re looking at here are two early pictures of what appears to be the next-generation Ford Ranger pickup truck.

And that’s the proper next-generation model, not the 2019 Ranger facelift Ford has already officially revealed in full. This would be an all-new Ranger, set to go on sale in 2022.

Given how popular the Ranger is worldwide right now – and since being reintroduced to the US market, sales there have gone absolutely nuts – this is kind of a big deal.

What makes these leaked images the next-generation Ford Ranger?

You can see there are no badges on this partially covered pickup, but as Wheels points out, there are a number of styling features that seem to show a close family resemblance to the newly revealed Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup for the 2020 model year (pictured below).

2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty, red, splashing through water

The F-250 is one of the bigger Ford trucks sold in the USA. Clearly if this is the next-gen Ranger it’s taking even greater cues from the Blue Oval’s American pickup truck line in the way it looks.

But is there any proof that this is the next-generation Ford Ranger?

Given this vehicle – described by Wheels as a prototype – was apparently snapped in an ‘outer Melborne suburb’ with no visible badging and blacked out windows (so we can’t even try and match the interior to current models) you might expect a big company like Ford to simply go into full denial mode and basically ignore the photos’ existence.

Is this the next-generation Ford Ranger? Rear view

However, when American website Jalopnik also ran the pictures (with Wheels’ permission), it received a legal notice from Ford asking it to take them down as they were ‘copyrighted images of a Ford automobile’ the company ‘believed were released in violation of a non-disclosure agreement’.

Since the notice also included a screen capture with the above images circled, we can be pretty sure this is some kind of Ford pickup prototype. Although whether it’s the next Ranger is obviously still TBC.

As Jalopnik has no knowledge of any NDA, and believes the pictures to be in the public interest – given the huge popularity of the Ranger – it hasn’t taken them down.

All our info is based on what Wheels and Jalopnik have already reported, and as such is already in the public domain.

Anything else significant about these leaked Ford pickup images?

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the timing of these pictures is that if this is the 2022 Ranger, it could be the one that Ford has recently announced it is building in cooperation with Volkswagen as part of a new alliance agreement between these two automotive behemoths.

Is this the next-generation Ford Ranger? Front view

And if that’s the case, it will also form the basis of the next VW Amarok.

We’ll bring you more news on this as we get it.

Including any indication that the new pickups are undergoing a major design change due to unforeseen circumstances…

What’s happening with the current Ford Ranger at the moment?

As we’ve already mentioned, the present Ranger is about to receive another mid-life makeover. This 2019 update brings only mildly tweaked looks but a whole new set of 2.0-litre engines and a lot of extra tech.

As part of the revisions, a new Ranger Raptor high-performance variant will be joining the line-up. We should be driving this before summer 2019, so stay tuned.

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