LDV V80 facelift at the CV Show 2019 – now with Euro 6 engine

  • LDV’s 136hp 2.5-litre diesel engine now Euro 6 compliant
  • Revised model also gets new look and upgraded interior
  • Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and reversing camera now standard

As well as revealing an all-new bespoke electric van – the EV30 – at the 2019 CV Show, LDV has also brought along a facelifted version of its V80 large van.

Now, this might not sound very exciting, since the V80 dates all the way back to the LDV Maxus launched in 2004, but the upgrades not only include an engine compliant with Euro 6 emissions regulations, but a substantially improved cab interior as well.

So there’s now a Euro 6 LDV V80?

Yes – finally.

For a long time this old stager (which was actually only reintroduced to the UK as the V80 in 2016) had been soldiering on with a Euro 5 engine. But now the 2.5-litre diesel has been brought up to Euro 6b levels, which should see it though until an all-new V80 goes into production at the end of 2019.

LDV V80 facelift with Euro 6 engine at the CV Show 2019 - rear view, black with graphics

Another new set of emissions regs – Euro 6D Temp (or Euro 6.2) – come into force in September 2019, so even with the new engine the current V80 can’t carry on for much longer anyway.

How much power does the Euro 6 LDV V80 produce?

The same 136hp as the previous version, and the same 330Nm of torque.

As before, an EV80 all-electric version is also available.

Is anything else new?

There’s a new-look front end, which does offer a more modern appearance than before.

LDV V80 facelift with Euro 6 engine at the CV Show 2019 - cab interior, new multifunction steering wheel, 10.0-inch touchscreen

Even better, inside the cab you’ll find a revised dashboard, complete with enormous 10.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system fitted as standard.

This even has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity, and a reversing camera – all included as part of the basic price.

There’s a new multi-function steering wheel, too.

The new LDV V80 is on sale now.

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