Mitsubishi L200 eSports concept – a pickup truck built for gamers

  • Fully functional L200 concept designed for gaming
  • Winning design from the first Mitsubishi Truck King Battle
  • One of five finalist, chosen by likes on social media

Star of the Mitsubishi stand at the 2019 CV Show in Birmingham was supposed to be the L200 eSports concept – a real life version of a pickup truck conversion designed by a sales administrator at one of the firm’s UK dealerships.

However, the complexity of the build has meant a slight delay, and visitors to Mitsubishi will have to put up with seeing a Shogun Sport concept vehicle instead.

What is the Mitsubishi L200 eSports concept?

The eSports will now be shown in real life for the first time at the 2019 Badminton Horse Trials (only a few days after the CV Show in May), so for now we’ll have to make do with these digital renderings.

The eSports concept is based on an L200 pickup, but extensively modified to accommodate a new ‘gaming zone’ in the load area.

It’s a pretty comprehensive makeover, as not only is there a specially raised roof over the load bed, the standard tailgate has been replaced with a set of barn doors, like you’d find on a van.

Mitsubishi L200 eSports concept pickup - render, rear view

On the inside, these doors are fitted with a set of speakers – complete with lighting – while the load area itself features bespoke seating and a large television screen, all the better for using a selection of the latest computer gaming equipment (exactly what form this takes is still to be confirmed).

The concept also gets a set of chunky off road wheels and tyres, and what appears to be a front nudge bar.

Who designed the Mitsubishi L200 eSports concept?

The eSports was the winning design in Mitsubishi UK’s Truck King Battle, a competition open to all Mitsubishi dealer staff interested in creating their own L200 conversion.

The winning concept was the work of Joanna Tulloch, sales administrator at Livery Dole Mitsubishi in Exeter – one of five finalist designs, hers was the most liked when the competition was put out for judgement on social media.

As a gamer herself, the idea behind the L200 eSports exactly reflects Tulloch’s ‘ultimate Mitsubishi L200’.

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