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Toyota to add better-equipped Active grade to Land Cruiser Commercial range

  • Second trim level for highly capable commercial 4x4
  • Active spec includes increased standard equipment, more luxury
  • Expected to go on sale before the end of 2019, priced around £32k

The Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial is going down so well with buyers that the Japanese firm is planning to add a second trim level before the end of 2019.

At the moment, you can only but the Land Cruiser Commercial in a very basic Utility grade, but it turns out some potential customers are keen to have a little more luxury, so an Active model is set to be added to the range.

First sight of this new version came at the 2019 CV Show.

What’s different about the Land Cruiser Commercial Active?

The existing Utility model isn’t completely basic – you still get niceties such as keyless entry and start, for example, plus the ever-useful cruise control – but clearly there is room for improvement in any vehicle that doesn’t have a DAB digital radio.

Toyota Land Cruiser Active Commercial at the CV Show 2019 - cab interior with touchscreen and automatic transmission

As such, the proposed Active grade will not only feature things like dual-zone climate control and 17-inch alloy wheels (in place of the Utility’s steel items) but also a touchscreen infotainment system, a rear-view parking camera and a rear parking sensors.

It will also give Land Cruiser Commercial buyers the option of an automatic gearbox for the first time.

When does the Land Cruiser Active Commercial go on sale and how much does it cost?

Toyota UK is being rather tight-lipped about that, we suspect because it needs to find out about the available production capacity – it’s already struggling to keep up with the (admittedly modest) demand for the Utility model.

Still, you should certainly be able to buy one before 2020 turns up.

Toyota Land Cruiser Active Commercial at the CV Show 2019 - load area

As for the price, while there’s nothing official yet, the Land Cruiser passenger car range already offers both Utility and Active variants, and the Active is just under £5,000 more than the Utility.

That’s including VAT, so an equivalent ex-VAT price difference would be around £4,000 – though perhaps the difference won’t be quite as much for the Commercial version. A Utility Commercial variant currently costs from around £28,000.

We’ll bring you more info on the new Land Cruiser Active Commercial as soon as it’s official, and look forward to giving it a test drive.

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