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Volkswagen Grand California dimensions and specs

  • Full exterior dimensions for the Grand California
  • Interior space use explained, including number of beds
  • Easy comparison between 600 and 680 models

VW Grand California dimensions - comparing 600 and 680

While we've already got a story covering what the VW Grand California is, when it goes on sale and what it will cost, we thought that there will be plenty of buyers keen to know its major dimensions as well.

So we've built this page to help. Here you'll find the full exterior dimensions for Grand California 600 and the Grand California 680, as well as details of the interior space, which includes a rear sleeping area, kitchen, lounge and bathroom as standard.

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VW Grand California exterior dimensions

The 600 is the shorter version of the Grand California - both versions being named for their length in centimetres. It comes with a raised camper roof, however, which means its actually taller than its 680 big brother.

The Grand California 600 has the following exterior dimensions:

  • Length: 5,986mm
  • Height: 2,970mm
  • Width including door mirrors: 2,427mm
  • Width excluding door mirrors: 2,040mm
  • Wheelbase: 3,640mm
  • Front overhang: 1,000mm
  • Rear overhang: 1,346mm

As the above suggests, the VW Grand California 680 is longer but lower than the 600. The reduced height means it only offers sleeping room for two rather than four (though it can still carry four passengers); the two sleepers do get a larger bed, however.

The Grand California 680 has the following exterior dimensions:

  • Length: 6,836mm
  • Height: 2,840mm
  • Width including door mirrors: 2,427mm
  • Width excluding door mirrors: 2,040mm
  • Wheelbase: 4,490mm
  • Front overhang: 1,000mm
  • Rear overhang: 1,346mm

VW Grand California exterior dimensions comparison table:

VW Grand California model 600 680
Exterior length (mm) 5,986 6,836
Exterior height (mm) 2,970 2,840
Exterior width including mirrors (mm) 2,427 2,427
Exterior width excluding mirrors (mm) 2,040 2,040
Wheelbase (mm) 3,640 4,490
Front overhang (mm) 1,000 1,000
Rear overhang (mm) 1,346 1,346

VW Grand California interior dimensions and specs

On the inside the major points of difference between the two versions are the size of the rear sleeping area, the size of the kitchen area, and the headroom.

The 680 model's larger rear bed means you can sleep longitudinally - so oreintated with the overall length of the vehicle - while the 600 forces you to sleep transversely, across the vehicle; anyone over 2m tall is going to find this uncomfortable.

On the other hand, the 600 gives you more room to stand up in, and allows the option of a second sleeping area above the cab; this 'bunk bed' arrangement is best left to children, however.

Both models have the exact same size of bathroom (listed as 840mm x 800mm in the original VW literature but 820mm x 820mm in more recent Grand California specification details), and the exact same amount of storage space - 800 litres in the rear plus 180 litres under the bed platform.

The kitchen in the 680 is also a little longer than the 600's - making the most of that additional bodylength.

VW Grand California interior space comparison table:

VW Grand California model 600 680
Seats 4 2 (4 optional)
Headroom 2,180-2,200 mm 1,970-2,030 mm
Table (l/w/h) 1,116 x 550 x 750 mm 1,116 x 550 x 750 mm
Bench (l/w/h) 450 x 840 x 330 mm 450 x 840 x 330 mm
Bathroom (l/w/h) 820 x 820 x 1,850 mm 820 x 820 x 1,850 mm
Kitchen (l/w/h) 980 x 400 x 880 mm 1,400 x 400 x 880 mm
Sleeps 2+2 (+2 optional) 2
Rear bed 1,930 x 1,220 mm 2,000 x 1,670 mm 
Rear storage 800 litres 800 litres
Under-bed storage 180 litres 180 litres

For more information about what the Grand California is actually like inside, including details of fixtures and fittings as well as engine, on-sale info and pricing, see our more general news story by clicking here.

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