Rugged Isuzu D-Max GO2 is ready for anything

  • Isuzu’s latest special edition is all about go-anywhere ability
  • Host of modifications for improved performance off-road
  • Upgrades could be applied to an existing D-Max

Isuzu’s D-Max pickup is the darling of farmers, contractors and those who want a pickup for work rather than play. But the brand’s keen to show that its ability extends beyond just carrying things, and so has revealed the D-Max GO2 – a modified truck with serious off-road chops.

The apocalypse-ready GO2 gains a whole selection of modifications, some of which come from Isuzu’s own accessory catalogue. The rest are aftermarket parts, showing off the strong selection of features a determined owner can add to their D-Max. Consider it an even-more-hardcore version of the firm's D-Max XTR - or, a less polished but possibly even more capable Ford Ranger Raptor.

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Built for the path less travelled

The front end is completely changed, being obscured by an ARB Sahara bar – a heavy-duty front bumper that can push through undergrowth and provides a solid platform on which to mount a Britpart Pulling Power winch. We’d imagine it also looks suitably intimidating in a rear-view mirror.

2020 Isuzu D-Max GO2 - front

The underbody is fully protected by underguards, including a rear differential guard. For a greater view off-road, there’s a roof-mounted Lazer light bar, and to improve wading depth Isuzu’s also fitted a snorkel.

The underpinnings have been upgraded, too, with a Pedders Trakryder eXtreme suspension setup consisting of adjustable front coilovers, rear leaf springs with adjustable shocks, a new front upper wishbone and rear anti-rollbar plus a locking rear differential. These combine to give greater ground clearance, better axle articulation and increased traction.

Further aiding this are the impossible-to-miss 33-inch Mud tyres, wrapped around 16-inch wheels. They ought to give unbeatable traction in the rough stuff, and are paired with uprated brakes all round.

There are practical touches, too, including a Mountain Top roller cover for the load bed, plus bed liner and drawer system.

Being based on a high-spec Utah, this particular GO2 has plenty of equipment, including leather seats, climate controlDAB radio, a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a reversing camera and keyless entry.

2020 Isuzu D-Max GO2 - interior

The most interesting thing? Isuzu’s performed this conversion on an used Utah, rather than plucking one from the production line before it’s finished. This has obviously been done to show that these modifications don’t have to come from the factory – they can be applied to an existing example.

Can I buy one?

Not really, but also yes. The D-Max GO2 is unlikely to be offered as a special edition from the factory, though with the D-Max AT35 and D-Max XTR both still currently available to order in Isuzu dealers, it's a possibility.

However, at the moment this really exists as a marketing exercise - a platform on which Isuzu can show off the latest and greatest aftermarket kit available for its already-pretty-rugged pickup.

2020 Isuzu D-Max GO2 - suspension

Group resources director at Isuzu UK, Darren James, commented: 'This is a fantastic working example of just how easily the Isuzu D-Max can be adapted and transformed into a ‘do anything, go anywhere’ pick-up and should definitely give our customers some inspiration for what they can achieve in their own D-Max.'

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