New Ford Ranger with V6 power: all the official details

  • Next-gen Ford Ranger official production model details
  • Tech info includes V6 and Bi-Turbo power
  • Revised design includes clever practicality features

Ford has revealed the new Ranger pickup truck at last. This next-generation model will go on sale in late 2022, and comes packed with innovations intended to make your life easier. Better-looking than ever, it also features a 3.0-litre V6 engine option, more practical load space and greater levels of on-board technology.

Designed with direct input from customers – Ford says it carried out over 5,000 interviews and dozens of workshops – the new Ford Ranger promises to suit both working and lifestyle buyers, expanding upon the trend set by the current model.

New Ford Ranger - driving off-road, front view, yellow, Wildtrak

‘Our team was focused on one goal – to make this Ranger the toughest and most capable we’ve ever created,’ said Ranger vehicle program director, Graham Pearson. ‘They put it through one of the most exhaustive global testing schedules we’ve ever developed and would not rest until we were satisfied that it was Built Ford Tough.’

This new pickup is doubly important, because it will also form the basis of the next-generation Volkswagen Amarok, also set to go on sale by 2023.

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Next-gen Ford Ranger: what’s actually new?

We’ll get to the tech and practicality features in a bit – first let’s focus on the physical structure.

The bodywork is completely new, incorporating loads of the latest Ford pickup design cues, including the ‘C-clamp’ front lighting signature and boxier dimensions. This makes it look very American, we don’t think that’s a bad thing.

New Ford Ranger - driving off-road, top rear view, yellow, Wildtrak

The underlying ladder-frame chassis, meanwhile, is ‘upgraded’ – so still shares its origins with the previous Ranger. However, that upgrade includes a 50mm longer wheelbase and a 50mm wider track – both features that improve the driving experience.

Other details revealed at this stage include the ‘hydro-formed’ front-end structure, which creates more space in the engine bay. This not only improves air-flow to the radiator, helping to keep the powertrain cool when heavily loaded or towing, it also makes room for the new 3.0-litre V6 engine at launch – and ‘helps future-proof the Ranger for other propulsion technologies.’

What engines does the new Ford Ranger have?

The big headline here is the introduction of that new 3.0-litre V6 – one of three turbodiesel engines that will be available from launch.

The introduction of this – an engine that’s built in Dagenham and already used in the larger Ford F-150 truck, rather than related to the 3.0-litre TDI in the previous Amarok – is a direct response to customer demand for more power and torque, especially for ‘towing heavy loads and extreme off-roading’.

As such, though Ford is yet to announce any engine stats or performance figures, we can only presume that it significantly out-guns the 213hp / 500Nm Bi-Turbo 2.0-litre EcoBlue engine fitted to top-of-the-line Rangers presently. Which means it should also solve one of our very few complaints about the Ranger Raptor off-road performance model.

New Ford Ranger - driving on-road, front view, black, Sport

That twin-turbo 2.0-litre will continue in the new Ranger, however, alongside the less-potent single-turbo version of the same engine. Again, no official power or torque figures have been revealed, although currently the single turbo runs from 130hp / 340Nm to 170hp / 420Nm; Ford has confirmed this engine will be offered in two outputs for the new model.

Gearbox options for the new Ranger consist of six-speed manual and automatic transmissions, plus a 10-speed automatic. We would guess the six-speed auto is fitted to the V6, and the 10-speed is already available on 2.0-litre models, but it might also be a world market thing.

As for the ‘other propulsion technologies’, at the very least we expect the new Ranger to be offered as a hybrid model – most probably a plug-in hybrid – and wouldn’t rule out a fully electric pickup, either. None of these electrified models are likely to be available right from launch.

Is the new Ranger four-wheel drive?

The new Ranger will be offered with two four-wheel drive systems.

The electronic ‘shift-on-the-fly’ system is an evolution of the current model while an ‘advanced new full-time four-wheel drive system with a reassuring set-and-forget mode’ will also be available.

We’d expect this to be offered with the V6 only, and it’s tempting to speculate it’s probably similar to the system previously used by the most powerful Amarok models – but that’s not yet confirmed.

New Ford Ranger - rear view, off-road, yellow, Wildtrak

There’s no specific news on two-wheel drive models, but Pearson does reference small businesses that have this need, so expect it to be available on basic working models (traditionally badged XT).

Off-road capability is said to be improved by those chassis and suspension changes – moving the front wheels forward 50mm helping with the approach angle, while repositioning the rear dampers out-board of the frame rails boosts chassis articulation.

At the same time, the new Ranger is said to be more comfortable than ever when driving on the road, and will come with a choice of six driving modes – something we’ve only ever previously seen on the Ranger Raptor.

What’s the new Ranger like inside?

Ford says ‘customers wanted a flexible, modern cockpit that caters to both work and family duties.’ It certainly looks smart in the pictures – and you can’t miss the increase in on-board technology.

This includes the new portrait-orientated central touchscreen, which is 10.1 inches big as standard with the option to upgrade to 12.0 inches, and the availability of a digital instrument cluster for the first time.

New Ford Ranger - interior

Infotainment is handled by the latest Ford Sync 4 system, with a FordPass Connect mobile Wi-Fi system also built-in as standard.

This allows full compatibility with the FordPass smartphone app – including remote-start, remote-lock and even the ability to turn on exterior lighting to help with working in the dark – as well opening up the possibility of over-the-air software and feature updates under the name Ford Power-Up.

Higher-specification automatic models get a new ‘e-shifter’ instead of the mechanical lever or rotary dial to engage drive – which has apparently gone down well in customer clinics – and there’s an electronic parking brake in place of the old manual one.

There are lots of storage options, and the rear seats in double cab models now fold flat so the back of the cab can serve as an additional load space.

What’s innovative about the new Ford Ranger?

There are a number of clever features built into the new Ranger’s design.

Behind the rear wheels there’s a step in the bodywork so you can reach into the load space without standing on the tyre, which is neat. And, similar to the smaller Ford Maverick truck revealed earlier in 2021, there’s a ‘cargo management system’ and slots moulded into the bedliner that allows you to divide the load space to transport different items.

New Ford Ranger - tailgate work surface

Furthermore, you can add a ‘tailgate work surface’ with a built-in ruler, mobile device holder, cupholders and pencil holder, and every tailgate comes with ‘clamp pockets’ for securely holding materials for cutting. Protective capping prevents damage to the stop surfaces of the load box, too.

Better yet, the increase in width means the Ranger can now carry a full-size pallet or transport sheet plywood flat.

A 400w power inverter is available to deliver AC power via an outlet in the load area, too, while twin-battery capability helps serve leisure (camping) and working demands for extra juice.

The Zone Lighting option allows you to turn on exterior lights all round the Ranger for working at night, and can be controlled by the FordPass smartphone app. A new 360-degree camera system helps with parking and tricky off-roading.

More than 150 accessories will be available at launch.

How much does the new Ranger cost and when does it go on sale?

No word on pricing yet, as the new Ranger won’t go on sale until late 2022 at the earliest.

Ford also hasn’t said anything specific about trim levels, but has captioned the various images as Wildtrak (yellow), XLT (blue) and Sport (black).

The UK market doesn’t currently get a Ranger Sport, and we can’t really imagine that will change, but we do expect the Ranger Wildtrak and Ranger XLT to continue.

We’ll bring you more on the new Ranger as soon as we have it.

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