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MAN launches new app for its van drivers

  • MAN extends its Driver App to TGE owners
  • Allows owners to track damage, get video tutorials and call breakdown services
  • Brand also aiming to double sales in the coming years

Written by Tom Webster Published: 22 September 2022 Updated: 22 September 2022

MAN has announced that it will expand its free Driver App to its TGE owners, with the system set to provide a 24-hour breakdown service, video tutorials with brand experts and a time management feature.

The app is currently available for the brand’s trucks but is set to be offered to the van as of October 2022. The features won’t be exactly the same as those provided to truck owners but will give increased digital connectivity to van drivers.

What features will the MAN app have?

Perhaps the most useful feature of the MAN Driver App is the MAN Mobile24 breakdown call, which will allow a driver to get help from the brand whatever time of day they need it should they break down.

There is also a feature for recording the damage in the case of a crash for insurance purposes and the ability to get video tutorials on the TGE’s features from MAN experts.

MAN says that there will be more features added in the future.

MAN offering free trials of its digital services

If you want to upgrade to MAN’s paid-for digital services, then these include features such as over-the-air software updates, vehicle tracking, time management and charging and battery management for electric vehicles.

The brand announced at the 2022 IAA Transportation show that anyone wanting to do upgrade will be able to get the first three months free. This applies to either new or existing customers.

MAN also said that it has big plans to increase its van sales, as it wants to double its annual registrations from around 3,000 per year to 6,000. This would be over the next three years, and would see the company targeting more small companies and retail buyers.

Previously the brand has targeted truck and bus operators who also needed a van, but this will have to change, said Stefan Thyssen, MAN’s UK boss.

This will mean more digital marketing and sales, meaning the company is going to use more direct methods to entice buyers in and make it easier to buy a van totally online.