21 July 2008 by Parkers Team

  • Eight-out-of-ten motorists puzzled by road tax laws
  • 94% blame the Government for failing to explain the new system
  • Tax changes will cost most of us more money

The new road tax laws are confusing, poorly explained and pricier than ever, according to Parker's latest survey.

We asked UK drivers about the upcoming law changes, to find out how easy the new road tax system is to understand and whether enough is being done to explain the plans.

But angry motorists have complained that the complex rule changes – which come into force in April 2009 – are baffling and that the Government has left them in the dark since the 2008 Budget plans were announced.


The results

Ninety four percent of respondents blamed the Government for failing to explain what's going to happen and how much the changes will set them back.

An overwhelming majority of motorists must dig deeper than ever before for their next tax disc – with 90% of drivers of high-emission cars having to pay more in 2009. Some will have to fork out more than £400 next year.

7 per cent of car owners were clueless as to how the new road tax system would affect their finances, while only three per cent thought that they would be better off.

With the number of tax bands increasing from seven to 13 in April, tax disc costs changing annually until 2010 and a one-off, first year registration tax planned, it’s no wonder that eight out of ten respondents are confused.

To make things worse, the complex tax laws are tricky to find on the Government’s motoring website, which doesn’t clearly state how much money UK drivers must fork-out next year.


How much will you pay?

But car owners can find out their road tax costs for the next three years in a few seconds, with Parker’s road tax calculator.

Simply select a car and Parker’s works out the tax costs for every popular model on sale in the UK for this year, next year and in 2010. Rates are broken down into half-year and annual payments and the 2010 first year registration fee is included, too.

Parker’s road tax calculator is free, quick and easy to use and could save you from making a costly mistake by choosing the wrong car. No nasty surprises, just honest information and cost-cutting advice.