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Car tax advice

Impartial expert advice about UK car tax rates and VED road tax. Read our articles and explainers below to save money on your running costs

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2018 VED car tax rates

What are the latest road tax rates? Inflation-based increases came into force in 2018 for all first-year VED car tax bands, and buyers of new diesel cars after 1 April 2018...

  • New car tax rates for 2017

    Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), otherwise known as car tax, is changing in 2017. Instead of being based solely on CO2 output as it is under the current scheme, there will...

  • Car Tax in the UK

    Last year was an important time for car tax with some big changes taking place. Firstly, after 93 years of service, in October we said farewell to the paper tax disc.

  • Citroen C4 Cactus

    Top 5 tax-busting hatchbacks

    With George Osbourne announcing car tax rises for the coming tax year, CO2 emissions have never been more important. Engine technology has improved rapidly over recent years and there are...

  • Car tax costs have gone up for the higher emtting cars in 2015

    New road tax rates for 2015/16

    VED Tax band increases for 2015/16 have been confirmed in the 2015 Budget. Those cars registered after March 1st 2001 fall into the VED band structure that goes from Band A...

  • Vauxhall Insignia

    Top ten tax-free cars

    It seems everyone is trying to save money these days. One of the ways you can cut down on your motoring costs is to choose a car that isn’t going...

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Need more help on UK car tax?

Car tax, also known as vehicle excise duty or VED road tax, must be paid by all motorists in the UK.

It's an annual charge for the privilege of using Britain's road network - and varies wildly between different cars.

So read our advice and explainers to find out how to save money on your car tax, by choosing a car with low CO2 emissions and maybe even an alternative powertrain.

Cars with electric motors, whether a pure EV or a hybrid, can save you hundreds of pounds a year. Read through our articles above to find out how.

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