First image of the 2018 Ford Transit Custom Sport

  • Leaked brochure shot reveals 2018 Custom Sport
  • Shows new stripes, sharp exterior facelift
  • Sport Van set to retain 170hp 2.0-litre engine

As we’ve already reported, Ford is updating the Transit Custom for 2018 – and in fact we’ll be driving the refreshed version of the UK’s most popular van later in November 2017. But this is the first sight we’ve had of the facelifted Transit Custom Sport Van.

And it comes to us in a rather unconventional manner – via what appears to be a brochure picture that’s popped up on some of the Ford Transit owners’ club forums.

As a result of its unofficial nature, the picture is little blurry, and should perhaps be taken with a pinch of salt. But it still gives us a few things to go on…

2018 Ford Transit Custom Sport Van official info

Official infomation on the new Transit Custom Sport is rather limited at this stage - though Ford has previously revealed that its trademark bonnet stripes are set for a redesign, something this promotional image appears to confirm.

Leaked brochure picture of 2018 Ford Transit Custom Sport Van

Look closely, and you’ll see the bonnet stripes are edged in orange here. Plus – look closer still – and you’ll see there’s another stripe running the length of the side of van, ending just below the upper rear side panel.

We’ve also heard rumours from some third parties that Ford might be planning a proper performance upgrade for the Sport Van this time around.

After further investigation, our understanding is that the 2018 model will retain the standard 170hp / 405Nm 2.0-litre TDCi EcoBlue engine of the current version

So you'll still need to turn to the aftermarket if you're after something to give the 204hp VW Transporter a run for its money.

Both six-speed manual and automatic transmissions will be offered.

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What else do we know about the 2018 Transit Custom Sport?

You can see from the picture that the 17-inch alloy wheels are the same – or at least very similar – to the current Custom Sport. You’ll note also the wheelarch extensions and tough lower front bumper treatment, which are just as we’d expect them to be.

That the image is of a Double Cab-in-Van (DCiV) is in keeping with Ford’s expansion of the Sport trim line early in 2017, so no surprises there.

Ditto the redesigned front end with the raised grille and slimline headlights, which are as per the general makeover revealed over the summer.

2018 Ford Transit Custom interior

We can’t see the interior in the Sport Van picture, but this too will get the same upgrade as every other Transit Custom. As shown above this features bits borrowed from the latest Ford Fiesta will make it more modern while better seats and additional storage will make it more practical.

Is there anything else different about the 2018 Ford Transit Sport

The van in the picture does look like it’s sitting on particularly low suspension.

But whether this reflects further enhancements to the Sport’s chassis – which already benefits from retuned springs, dampers and anti-roll bars – or is simply a marketing trick to make it look more attractive remains to be seen.

We’d bet on the latter, unfortunately – but improved ride comfort and a less bouncy rear end would be nice…

When does the 2018 Ford Transit Custom Sport go on sale?

We’re expecting full pricing around the time we drive the 2018 model in November 2017, which should also mark the opening of order books – though the Transit Custom facelift isn’t due to actually reach dealership until the new year.

The range will be the most diverse ever, bringing not only new Sport variants but also a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid electric van.

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