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Want to know which are the UK's most popular vans? These are the top 10 bestselling vans according to official figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The latest figures are from August 2021, the second-best August for new van sales ever. 

Not only were new registrations up by a huge 21.1% compared with the five-year average prior to the coronavirus pandemic, three of the four top-selling vehicles in the UK last month were Ford vans, with the Transit Custom and larger Transit out-selling every car, and the Ford Ranger taking fourth spot, behind only the Ford Puma SUV.

Quite the achievement. There's more analysis of the August 2021 sales figures below.

Before that, in addition to figures from 2021, on this page you'll also find the full year data for 2020, 2019 and 2018, so you can see which commercial vehicles were most popular in those years, too.

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All this is useful because it means you can see which vans make the most sense to other businesses, which means they may also make the most sense for you. What's more, it gives you an idea of the most available used vans, although current demand is also causing prices to surge and stock to fall among second-hand models.

Top 10 bestselling vans and pickups August 2021

10. Citroen Relay (467 sold)

Bestselling vans 2021 - Citroen Relay

Citroen's large van is long in the tooth, but this is good news for its payload ratings and its mpg - both being much higher than with many more modern rivals. Add large load space options, some punchy engines and plenty of off-the-shelf conversions, and it's almost surprising that we don't see it in the top 10 more often.

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9. Citroen Berlingo (532 sold)

Bestselling vans 2021 - Citroen Berlingo 2021 award winner

The latest Citroen Berlingo joins its cousins the Peugeot Partner and Vauxhall Combo in raising the bar in the small van sector, winning the Parkers Small Van of the Year in 2021 and 2020. We love the high-tech safety features, which include an optional overload sensor, and the great driving experience. It's got a massive payload rating for a small van, too.

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8. Peugeot Partner (541 sold)

Bestselling vans - Peugeot Partner Parkers Award 2021

This Peugeot Partner was introduced in early 2019 and is the sister van to the Vauxhall Combo Cargo and Citroen Berlingo. It's successfully continuing the model's long-running popularity with buyers - and so it should, given the impressive payload ratings, decent driving experience and high level of available technology.

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7. Vauxhall Combo Cargo (664 sold)

Bestselling vans 2020 - Vauxhall Combo Cargo award winner

The Vauxhall Combo is based on the same platform as the Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner, and is a joint winner of the 2020 and 2021 Parkers Small Van of the Year award. Payload ratings and fuel economy are great, and there is some useful technology on the options list – including a built-in overload sensor.

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6. Ford Transit Connect (829 sold)

Most popular vans 2021: Ford Transit Connect

The Transit Connect small van offers a spacious cab, great running costs and Ford’s typically enjoyable driving experience. The extensive dealer network means it should be easy to look after and the latest version is packed with tech too, including built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and some very fuel efficient engines.

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5. Volkswagen Transporter (1,488 sold)

VW Transporter 2020 - see where it ranks among the bestselling vans

The Transporter has one of the widest model ranges of any medium van – so whether you want a basic working van or a posh lifestyle wagon, Volkswagen’s got you covered. The latest 6.1 facelift version brings an even better driving experience, newer technology, and an e-Transporter electric van.

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4. Mercedes Sprinter (1,654 sold)

Bestselling vans 2020: Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter continues to set incredible standards, and remains the large van all others should be measured against, especially given the cutting-edge technology that's now included on-board. Popular particularly in the delivery industry, it has exceptional reliability, and there's an eSprinter electric van, too.

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3. Ford Ranger (1,776 sold)

UK's bestselling pickup: Ford Ranger, 2021 Parkers Award winner

The UK’s bestselling pickup, the Ford Ranger is good looking and versatile. The latest 2.0-litre engines are a revelation, providing plenty of performance yet with far greater refinement, while the Ranger Raptor high-performance model is great fun. Another Parkers Award-winner.

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2. Ford Transit (2,161 sold)

Bestselling vans 2020: Ford Transit

The Ford Transit van is the household name for vans in the UK. This latest version (updated in 2019) has increased payload, upgraded engines, a revised interior and even more technology. It remains easy to drive, comfortable, and there are plenty of specialist dealers around to keep you on the road.

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1. Ford Transit Custom (3,592 sold)

Bestselling vans 2020 - Ford Transit Custom Parkers Van of the Year 2021

The UK's bestselling van since it was launched, and winner of the 2021 Parkers Van of the Year award, the Ford Transit Custom is an exceptional all-rounder. It has plenty of load capacity and is good to drive. It consistently outsells its nearest rival by huge numbers.

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August 2021 van market report

The second-best August for van sales on record, last month saw 20,582 new vans find homes. Traditionally a quiet month ahead of the rush for the new registration plate in September, August 2021 bucked that trend with a 21.1% increase compared with the five-year pre-pandemic average.

Only light vans at less than 2.5 tonnes saw sales fall. Vans above 2.5 tonnes saw a 7.0% increase, while the commercial 4x4 sector grew by a staggering 522.6%, thanks in no small part to the return of the Land Rover Defender Hard Top.

Though 2021 as a whole is unlikely to reach the dizzy heights of 2019 in terms of year-end figures (it's currently down 4.0%), compared once again with the five-year average, it's now projected to end 2.6% up.

It's not all good news, however, as the on-going semi-conductor crisis in the automotive industry has been causing havoc with manufacturing in the UK and abroad, with the time you'll wait to get a new van extending well into 2022 now for some models. 

SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes made these comments during the announcement of the August 2021 van sales figures: 'This year has proved to be one of the best ever for new van registrations, buoyed by strong demand and growing confidence as the economy continues to open up. The impact of the semi-conductor shortage on manufacturing is affecting commercial vehicle production, however, even if it is not immediately apparent in the registration figures.'

He added: 'With even more new zero emission models coming to market, the choices available for fleet renewal are increasing rapidly, which can play a significant role in helping the UK meet its ambitious emissions reduction targets.'

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Bestselling vans and pickups of 2021

This table shows the bestselling vans and pickup for all of 2021 so far:

Sales position Model Number sold Parkers review link
1 Ford Transit Custom 34,137 Ford Transit Custom review
2 Ford Transit 21,563 Ford Transit review
3 VW Transporter 
16,018 VW Transporter review
4 Mercedes Sprinter
14,719  Mercedes Sprinter review
5 Ford Ranger 13,115 Ford Ranger review
6 Vauxhall Vivaro
11,764 Vauxhall Vivaro review
7 Citroen Berlingo
8,098 Citroen Berlingo review
8 Peugeot Partner
7,869 Peugeot Partner review
9 Ford Transit Connect 7,734 Ford Transit Connect review
10 Vauxhall Combo
6,545 Vauxhall Combo review

Bestselling vans and pickups of 2020

The bestselling vans and pickups of 2020 in a table.

Sales position Model Number sold Parkers review link
1 Ford Transit Custom 43,551 Ford Transit Custom review
2 Mercedes Sprinter 23,506 Mercedes Sprinter review
3 Ford Transit 21,724 Ford Transit review
4 VW Transporter 15,856 VW Transporter review
5 Vauxhall Vivaro 15,530 Vauxhall Vivaro review
6 Ford Ranger 13,097 Ford Ranger review
7 Citroen Berlingo 12,159 Citroen Berlingo review
8 Ford Transit Connect 11,344 Ford Transit Connect review
9 Peugeot Partner 11,174 Peugeot Partner review
10 Vauxhall Combo 11,118 Vauxhall Combo review

Bestselling vans and pickups of 2019

This is the top 10 list of the bestselling vans (and pickups) of 2019 in total.

Sales position Model Number sold Parkers review link
1 Ford Transit Custom 52,512 Ford Transit Custom review
2 Ford Transit 26,237 Ford Transit review
3 Mercedes Sprinter 25,862 Mercedes Sprinter review
4 VW Transporter 19,608 VW Transporter review
5 Vauxhall Vivaro 18,029 Vauxhall Vivaro review
6 Ford Ranger 16,459 Ford Ranger review
7 Ford Transit Connect 15,477 Ford Transit Connect review
8 Peugeot Partner 14,605 Peugeot Partner review
9 Citroen Berlingo 13,492 Citroen Berlingo review
10 Vauxhall Combo 12,944 Vauxhall Combo review

Bestselling vans and pickups of 2018

This is the top 10 list of the bestselling vans (and pickups) in all of 2018.

Sales position Model Number sold Parkers review link
1 Ford Transit Custom 54,806 Ford Transit Custom review
2 Ford Transit 32,694 Ford Transit review
3 VW Transporter 21,763 VW Transporter review
4 Mercedes Sprinter 21,278 Mercedes Sprinter review
5 Vauxhall Vivaro 19,232 Vauxhall Vivaro review
6 Ford Transit Connect 17,495 Ford Transit Connect review
7 Ford Ranger 16,440 Ford Ranger review
8 Peugeot Partner 15,056 Peugeot Partner review
9 Citroen Berlingo 13,428 Citroen Berlingo review
10 Peugeot Boxer 11,731 Peugeot Boxer review

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