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Top 10 bestselling, most popular vans and pickups 2019 and 2018

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These are the most popular, bestselling vans and pickups in the UK according to the latest official sales figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

We update this page every month - the latest info is from July 2019, which is the seventh month of growth in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) sector - but you'll also find the top 10 bestselling vans for all of 2018 and 2019 listed below as well.

This bestsellers list is useful because it helps you understand which LCVs other businesses are buying, which can in turn act as a guide on the best van or pickup for your business.

So keep reading to find out which are the UK's bestselling light commercials.

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Bestselling vans and pickups July 2019

10) Mitsubishi L200 (697 sold)

Bestselling vans 2019: Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck

The L200 is the reigning Parkers Pickup of the Year Award winner. We like its strong blend of value and performance, even if it doesn't have the largest load area in the sector. A heavily facelifted version is on the way in September 2019, bringing new looks and ever greater off-road capability.

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9) Citroen Berlingo (883 sold)

Bestselling vans 2019: Citroen Berlingo

The latest Citroen Berlingo is one of a trio of all-new small vans that are raising the bar - and not just in their sector of the market (the others being the new Peugeot Partner and Vauxhall Combo). We love the high-tech safety features, including an overload warning sensor, and great driving experience.

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8) Ford Ranger (1,022 sold)

bestselling vans 2019: Ford Ranger pickup truck

Consistently the UK’s bestselling pickup, the Ford Ranger is good looking and very versatile, with 3.5-tonne towing capacity and high payload ratings. The latest 2.0-litre engines are a revelation, too, providing plenty of performance yet with far greater refinement, while the Ranger Raptor high-performance model is great fun.

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7) Renault Trafic (1,062 sold)

Renault Trafic 2019 facelift - find out where it ranks among the UK's bestselling vans

Renault's mid-size van is good to drive, comfortable and efficient, thanks to its range of turbocharged 1.6-litre diesel engines. It's also about to be updated with a facelifted model (pictured) powered by newer 2.0-litre engines offering up to 170hp, which should be available to order now ahead of deliveries in September 2019.

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6) Peugeot Partner (1,108 sold)

Peugeot Partner 2019 - find out where it ranks among the UK's bestselling vans

This Peugeot Partner was introduced in early 2019 and is the sister van to the Vauxhall Combo Cargo and Citroen Berlingo. It's successfully continuing the model's long-running popularity with buyers - and so it should, given the impressive payload ratings, decent driving experience and high level of available technology.

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5) Ford Transit Connect (1,206 sold)

Bestselling vans 2019: Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect small van offers a spacious cab, class-leading fuel efficiency – and therefore low running costs – and Ford’s typically enjoyable driving experience. The extensive dealer network means it should be easy to look after, and it’s had a facelift in 2018 (pictured) too, bringing in new looks and updated engines.

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4) Volkswagen Transporter (1,303 sold)

Bestselling vans 2019: VW Transporter

The Transporter has a super-practical cabin, and one of the widest model ranges on the market – so whether you want a basic working van or a posh lifestyle wagon, Volkswagen’s got you covered. There is a heavily revised 'T6.1' version on the way later in 2019, too.

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3) Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2,148 sold)

Bestselling vans 2019: Mercedes Sprinter

The all-new 2018 Mercedes Sprinter (pictured) continues to set incredible standards, and remains the large van all others should be measured against, especially given the cutting-edge technology that's now included on-board. A new front-wheel drive variant boosts its appeal further still.

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2) Ford Transit (2,304 sold)

Bestselling vans 2019: Ford Transit

The Transit is consistently the UK’s large van of choice.  A significantly updated version (pictured) made its UK debut at the 2019 CV Show to address this and other issues, and is expected to make this great van even greater when it reaches dealers later in the year.

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1) Ford Transit Custom (3,798 sold)

UK's bestselling van: Ford Transit Custom

The UK's bestselling van since it was launched, and in fact the third bestselling vehicle of any kind in the UK in 2018, the Ford Transit Custom is an exceptional all-rounder. It has plenty of load capacity, is good to drive and there are lots of dealers. The recent facelift (pictured) means it's better to look at and more practical than ever, too.

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July 2019 van and pickup market report

July 2019 is the seventh straight month of growth in van sales, with 25,862 registered - an 11.0% increase over July 2018.

Medium and large vans proved particularly popular last month, with small vans, pickups and commercial 4x4s posting drops, year-on-year.

The Transit Custom continues to dominate vans sales in the UK, outselling its nearest rival (the VW Transporter) by nearly three to one at this point.

Given car sales are struggling (down for five months in a row), the van market is going great guns, in spite of the continuing uncertainty over Brexit. There is however concern in some areas that once businesses have completed the switch to more modern Euro 6 vans it's possible that sales will slump unless such uncertainty is soon resolved.

Bestselling vans and pickups in all of 2019 so far

This is the top 10 list of the bestselling vans (and pickups) of 2019 in total, rather than over the last month.

Sales position Model Number sold Parkers review link
1 Ford Transit Custom 34,689
Ford Transit Custom review
2 Ford Transit 17,487
Ford Transit review
3 Mercedes Sprinter 14,439 Mercedes Sprinter review
4 VW Transporter
11,939 VW Transporter review
5 Ford Ranger
9,583 Ford Ranger review
6 Peugeot Partner
9,349 Peugeot Partner review
7 Ford Transit Connect
Ford Transit Connect review
8 Citroen Berlingo 
8,768 Citroen Berlingo review
9 Vauxhall Vivaro
 Vauxhall Vivaro review 
10 Vauxhall Combo 7,336 Vauxhall Como review

Bestselling vans and pickups of 2018

This is the top 10 list of the bestselling vans (and pickups) in all of 2018.

Sales position Model Number sold Parkers review link
1 Ford Transit Custom 54,806
Ford Transit Custom review
2 Ford Transit 32,694
Ford Transit review
3 VW Transporter 21,763
VW Transporter review
4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
21,278 Mercedes Sprinter review
5 Vauxhall Vivaro
19,232 Vauxhall Vivaro review
6 Ford Transit Connect
17,495 Ford Transit Connect review
7 Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger review
8  Peugeot Partner
Peugeot Partner review
9 Citroen Berlingo
 Citroen Berlingo review 
10 Peugeot Boxer 11,731 Peugeot Boxer review

Further info on the 2018 van market and sales

The 2018 van and pickup sales figures ended up being down 1.3% versus 2017, suggesting the light commercial vehicle (LCV) market is weathering the current financial uncertainty better than the car market.

Pickups continued to prove popular, with sales up 4.3% year-on-year, while sales of commercial 4x4s grew by a staggering 303.4%, due largely to new models entering the vacuum left by the end of the Land Rover Defender's production. Large vans remain static, while sales of small and medium vans fell.

Despite this, there were some individual successes for manufacturers - most notably Ford, which not only retained its position as the UK's favourite van brand, it also sold more LCVs than ever (over 126,000) and increased its market share to more than 35%.

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