Electric MAN eTGE shown at IAA Commercial Vehicles show

  • Electric MAN eTGE unveiled
  • Gets the same battery and performance figures as VW e-Crafter
  • Set to go on sale from mid 2019

In what is a fairly predictable move, MAN has shown off the electric version of its MAN TGE large van, named the eTGE.

This is predictable because the TGE is, in all but name and badge, a Volkswagen Crafter. Given that VW has launched the electric Crafter with sales starting mid-way through next year, it is no surprise that the eTGE will be doing the exact same thing.

What battery and motor does the MAN eTGE have?

Like the e-Crafter, the eTGE gets the battery and motor that sits underneath the VW e-Golf. This means that it gets a claimed range of up to 99 miles (160km) and a battery that can be charged in just five and half hours if it is on the most efficient alternating current wallbox, while it can take nine hours on a 220V AC socket.

Man eTGE rear view

Given that many drivers will just plug the van in and leave it to recharge overnight, of more regular interest to most is the fact that it has a top speed of 56mph (90km/h) which means that this is very much designed for the urban user and those doing lots of deliveries.

What size is the MAN eTGE?

There is just the one size and shape of TGE on offer to start off with – you are limited to the standard wheelbase and high roof version. Because the batteries are all stored under the floor, the internal capacity of the eTGE is exactly the same as the diesel engine version, but there is a choice of two different payloads.

Because of a recent change to the law, holders of a car licence are now able to drive an electric van with a payload of up to 4.25 tonnes – up from the standard 3.5 tonnes.

MAN eTGE badge

As a result you can have your MAN eTGE with a choice of either a 3.5-tonne or 4.25-tonne payload. There will be no actual difference in the two as far as the physical van is concerned, but don’t be surprised if you pay more for the ability to carry more weight.

When can I buy the Man eTGE and how much will it cost?

The UK prices haven’t been confirmed for the eTGE yet, but MAN says that it will be on sale in Europe starting at €69,500. It is due to go on sale in the middle of 2019, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether that will just be in left-hand drive or not. The electric Crafter isn’t coming in right-hand drive until 2020, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the MAN followed the same pattern.