2021 MAN TGE gets infotainment upgrade

  • Increased connectivity for MAN TGE MY2021 large van
  • Updated selection of four infotainment systems
  • New emergency call buttons for accidents, breakdowns and information

MAN has issued an MY2021 (Model Year 2021) update for its TGE van, focused entirely on improving connectivity. The upgrades include a ‘new generation’ of radio and infotainment systems, plus the addition of roof-mounted buttons for emergency assistance, breakdown assistance and information on all but the most basic versions.

The MAN TGE is a rebranded version of the current Volkswagen Crafter (built in the same factory) and joint winner of the 2021 Parkers Large Van of the Year Award.

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What’s new about the MY2021 MAN TGE in terms of radios and touchscreens?

MAN now offers four entertainment systems in the TGE:

  • > MAN Radio Van – a basic radio system with SD card slot, and what MAN promises is a simple and straightforward layout
  • > MAN Media Van – described as ‘the classic touchscreen’ (read: not new), this is a 6.5-inch colour display with DAB+ radio and cabled SmartLink for smartphones, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. It’s also the first option to get the new three-button connectivity module, on which more in a moment
  • > MAN Media Van Business – this is an 8.0-inch touchscreen that in addition to the above also includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (WLAN) connectivity, plus online services such as weather and current news but NOT live traffic
  • > MAN Media Van Business Navigation – exactly what it sounds like: the Media Van Business system with sat-nav built-in. This includes a two-year licence for live traffic and mapping updates (so not even as long as the warranty on the van, which is a shame)

MY2021 MAN TGE - top spec Media Van Business Navigation infotainment

What’s the ‘roof-mounted three-button module’?

Fitted as part of the package with all of the touchscreen infotainment options, this adds – you guessed it – three buttons to the centre console on the roof in the area between the sun visors.

MY2021 MAN TGE - roof-mounted three-button module

The three buttons give you easy, instant access to the following:

  • > EEU Emergency Call – this is the red button with SOS written on it, and when pressed connects you to the nearest emergency call centre, even if there isn’t a phone on-board. It’s intended for use after an accident, and if the airbag goes off the system will contact the emergency services and transmit the vehicle’s location automatically
  • > MAN Breakdown Service – represented by a spanner, this is similar to the Emergency Call but for use after a mechanical breakdown, putting you into contact with the MAN Mobile24 emergency call centre and transmitting the vehicle’s location and any fault codes in the process. MAN Mobile24 will then contact the nearest MAN workshop to help get the repair sorted ‘quickly’
  • > MAN Info Call – this button, with the i on it, also puts you in touch with MAN Mobile24, but a different department where someone will be able to assist you with any questions you have about the van. Seriously

So, a nice round of little updates for one of our favourite large vans.

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